Mirra sighed. Dipper fidgeted nervously. She didn't blame him. Being in a dark room with a girl he didn't trust wasn't exactly the most comfortable situation. "Listen" she said reassuringly. "I know you don't trust me. I'm weird, I don't explain things. I understand. It's just, I want you to trust me." "I don't think this conversation is helping," Dipper muttered. "We need to take this one secret at a time" Mirra continued. "Then I'm assuming you have a lot." Dipper muttered again. "Dipper, just-just listen. Remember the other day when I said something about Souchens, and you asked me what a souchen was? I'm going to show you." Dipper paused his fidgeting uncertainly. "Do what I do." She instructed. She brought her two pointer fingers up to her eyelids, then gently pushed them into the fold between her eyelid and eyebrow. Dipper hesitated. "Doesn't that hurt?" Dipper said nervously. "Of course not. plus, my fingernails are much longer than yours. Just do it." Dipper did what she said. "You see that ring of blue dots?" Dipper gasped with a bit of excitement. "Yes." "That, my friend" Mirra explained. "Is a souchen. You're basically touching your retina right now." Dipper jerked his fingers out his eye sockets. "Eww, what!?" He exclaimed. Mirra just smirked at him. "Ok, you definitely have more to learn" Mirra smiled, and left the room. Dipper stayed, pondering what he had seen. Then he followed her out the door.