This is a fanon episode, not a real one. The idea may or may not happen on a real episode of Gravity Falls.


there are guys in black helping mable with her evil plot but dipper must stop them before its to late


  • Dipper
  • Mabel
  • Stan
  • Soos
  • Gideon
  • Wendy
  • The Chief
  • The Men In Black
  • D & B
  • Cute Biker
== Transcript ==

Stan: Welcome to the Mystery Shack, home of the wierd! Behold, the Boatman, a freaky combination of man and boat!

Soos: Mr. Pines, can I please take a break?

Stan: No Soos! I mean, it speaks!

Crowd: Oooh!

Stan: Now follow me to the Piglob! The pig made of slime!

Soos: Now may I go take a break, I need to go Number Two!

Stan: No.

Soos: Aw man.