Skipper acker gravity falls oc by cipher pines-d9yoc1c

NAME: Skipper Acker

AGE:  12


DATE OF BIRTH:  16th March 2000 ((I think the show is set in 2012 so I'm just going with that))

GENDER: Female

HEIGHT:  1.25m

VOICE ACTOR:  Lizzie Waterworth-Santo

PERSONALITY ((positives)) Adventurous Positive Caring

((negatives)) Big mouthed,  Clumsy,  Short tempered

Strongest Subjects- 1. English 2. P.E 3. Geography

Weakest Subjects- 1. Math 2. Art 3. Music

Likes- Grandpop,  Toffee flavored things,  Lizards,  Ice cream,  Sunny days

Dislikes- Rain ORANGES CARROTS Chavs

BFF- GRANDPOP ((Skipper's grandpa))

Friends- Mabel and  Dipper?

PPL Skipper hates- Bullies,  All of Mabel's crushes, and  BILL CIPHER

Backstory stuff-

- Skipper was actually a mistake, her parents were...doing it and her mom was pregnant. She refused to get an abortion so her dad left her, over time Skip's mom couldn't take care of baby Skip because of her job so Skipper's Grandpa is curently taking care of her.

- Skipper was born and raised in England, her grandpa did his best to take care of Skipper.

- Once in school, Skipper was asked to talk about she parents as it was one of thoose 'BRING YOUR PARENTS SO THEY CAN TALK ABOUT THEIR JOBS' Days. But because her grandpa is retired she was going to talk about her mom. Skipper didn't know much about her mom but she knew she was an actor. She said that she was a famous actor and was now in Hollywood producing an amazing film. Skipper was laughed at.

- Skipper doesn't remember what her mom even looks like.

- GRANDPOP decided to take Skipper to somewhere called 'Gravity Falls' for the summer.

- During Weirdmageddon, her Grandpa was struck with a coma. Skipper refuses to leave America without him.

- Since that summer, Skipper now goes to a school in Gravity Falls and was temporarily adopted by Soos and Meldoy until her Grandpa wakes up.