Full Plot (whole episode and endings and more) Dipper Discovers there are still more seats for the 2014 FIFA World Cup United States VS Portugal game. But he does not have enough money to secretly surprise the family and Wendy with tickets to the game. So Dipper opens a mini outdoor sandwich shop. He opened it for 2 days until Mabel and Soos start to wonder why he is selling sandwiches. So he closes the shop with enough money for tickets. And then tomorrow he would surprise them with tickets. He said guess what I got us all tickets to the 2014 FIFA World Cup United States VS Portugal game! Everyone got all excited. They all went on a plane to Brazil. They saw the game they spent a while in Brazil. They got on the plane back to Gravity Falls Airport. But at the airport when Mabel sees smile dip she leaves the Group and goes to the Candy Store. But all of a sudden Dipper notices Mabel is not behind them walking to the car. They go back inside the airport. First they look at the sweater store. Then they look at the Sticker World. But then they look at the candy store and Mabel is there. Sorry it's just me and my Smile Dip. Now the Pines group and Wendy left.

You probably noticed I said the pines group and Wendy but Soos is part of the pines group even though he's not officially a pines family member so Soos did go with them