"Max Steel in Gravity Falls!?", Is a one-hour special that premired on June 31st, 2013 on Disney Channel and an encore presentation on July 5th 2013 on Disney XD.


•Dipper Pines

•Mabel Pines

•Stan Pines

•Jeff and the other gnomes(Gravity Falls villian)

•Lil' Gideon(Gravity Falls villian)

•Dread(Max Steel villian)

•Max McGrath/Max Steel



Max McGrath goes to Gravity Falls to see his cousins Dipper and Mabel Pines.But when Max almost gets his TURBO energy taken by Lil' Gideon and Jeff and the other gnomes strike back, things get crazy.


•The T.V special had a prologe, like Toruist Trapped.

•Dipper is shown to have a liking towards his cousin.

Memorable quotesEdit

1-Max:You sure you know how to drive a golf cart!?

Dipper:I've done it before to save my sister from gnomes!

2-Mabel:What the heck is that thing!?(To Steel.)

3-Steel:He's a kid, and he can drive a golf cart!?

Dipper:I'm twelve, techinacly a tween!

4-Mabel:Jeff, I am never marrying you!

(The golf cart conaining Dipper, Max, and Steel drives up.)

Dipper:Let Mabel go!

Jeff:We are a force not to be rekoned with!

Max:You're just tiny little gnomes with tiny little legs.

Dipper:Don't say that.

Prologe transcriptEdit

Dipper:As you all know, my name is Dipper, twelve years old, technicaly a tween.The girl next to me, you all also my sister Mabel.The boy behind me, is my cousin Max.The white, black and blue thing with him is an ultra-link named Steel.You maybe wondering why we are fleeing from a creature of unimageinable terror.

Mabel:Dipper!Watch out!

All(Dipper, Mabel, Max, and Steel):Ahhh!