In this fanon, Mabel has a little changes.

What Side?Edit


An empty cell in Mabel's dungeon.

I made this photo of a cell in Mabel's new dungeon. Speaking of dungeons, she's obviously evil.

Mabel's Evil PlotEdit

WHEN she turned evil, she decided to take over the world and turn every centimeter of the world her personel.

5 Years in the FutureEdit

5 years in the future, Mabel sucessfully completed her plot, and there are only 6 survivors, Lil' Gideon, Dipper, Monty, Grunkle Stan, Tyson , and the doctor. Dipper and Monty work together to attempt to survive.

2 Years AfterEdit

The only survivors left are Dipper, Tyson, and Monty. Now Tyson is part of the Dipty Alliance! It's renamed to Dipmontyertyer.

4 Years AfterEdit

Mabel has a dilemia over which to enslave - Dipper, Tyson, or Monty? She decided to enslave all a year later.

5 Years AfterEdit

There are 0 survivors, although Monty and Tyson created notes to selves. Clever!

12 Years in the FutureEdit

Monty finally remebers the note and goes back to the good side, and

14 Years in the FutureEdit

restores the world to it's original point, except HE'S the ruler now, and LaserLight is finally popular. (And other features of Montyish are used by everyone!) Bingo!