Lisa Pines is a character in Gravity Falls: Next Generation

Gravity falls next generation oc lisa pines by kittenpaws6-da12afr

Name: Elizabeth "Lisa" Katherine Pines

Parents: Dipper Pines and Pacifica Pines (née Northwest)

Birthday: May 15 2028

Age: (as of 2040) 12.

Zodiac: Taurus

Birthstone: Emerald

Schools: Gravity Falls Elementary School (passed), Gravity Falls Middle School (current)

Hair color: Dark brown (due to recessive genes)

Eye color: Brown

Height: 5 feet 1 inch (155.38 centimeters)

Blood type: O

Likes: Adventures, mysteries, music, photography,dancing, reading, collecting marbles, ice cream, pizza, pasta, golf, ABBA, Sev'ral Timez, movies, video games

Dislikes: Country and electronic music (though does like a few songs from the former genre as a guilty pleasure), spiders, lightening and thunder, tight clothing, cabbage, eggs, mushrooms, baseball, football, people bringing up her terrible dancing abilities

Skills/Talents: Solving mysteries, photography, writing, golf, Hobbies: Reading, learning, exploring, photography, collecting marbles

Current phobias and fears: Glossophobia, claustrophobia, arachnophobia

Former fears: Fear of heights (got over this at age seven), fear of lightening (got over this at age ten although she still doesn't like it), fear of the dark (got over this at age six)

Goals: To learn how to play the trumpet, to graduate high school, to become a journalist

Favorite school subject: Spanish

Least favorite school subject: History

School subject she does best in: English

School subject she does worst in: Math


Lisa is a friendly girl. She's generally ambiverted, though does lean a little bit towards extroverted. She's very determined and doesn't give up easily. She usually has an optimistic outlook.

She loves writing and wants to be a journalist when she gets older. She also wishes she could learn how to play the trumpet. She loves dancing but is terrible at it ( she'll often deny it when someone brings it up but deep down she knows she's awful) and math (though is good with certain types). She enjoys golf.

Lisa can sometimes be too idealistic and can beat herself up when she doesn't reach her own expectations. She can also overestimate her abilities in skills she knows she's talented in. She's a little bit selfish but ultimately will do the right thing. She often will make sarcastic remarks. She used to handle losing badly when she was little but has long since gotten over this trait.

She gets average to good grades in school. She's a bit insecure about how others perceive her and gets nervous when forced to talk for large crowds.

She shares her father's love for mysteries and the supernatural. She's very good at making up theories.