A Dipper x Pacifica story

Dipper's POV

I walk into the Gravity Falls tackle shop. The little bell at the top of the door tinkles as I push it open.

"Hi," says a pretty clerk. "Do you need any help finding anything?"

I pull out the piece of paper in my pocket. "Yeah. Um. Do you have bait?" The clerk looks at me, amused and brushes her brown hair out of her face. "You must be joking. This is a tackle shop. Of course we have bait." I redden and mumble something unintelligible. She doesn't say anything, she just watches me.

I quickly step out of the dilapidated shop, suddenly angry at my uncle. Stan chastised me because I didn't know the first thing about fishing. He said it wouldn't do for me not to be as fishing-savvy as he. So he sent me over here, under the pretense of buying bait.

I walk down the street, face still hot and my favorite cap pulled low over my eyes. Suddenly I run into something hard. I look up and a girl is sprawled on the floor in front of me.

"Ow, loser," She mutters, rubbing her head. I am about to think of a snippy reply when I get a good look at her. She is Pacifica Northwest, the beautiful, snooty, blonde and Gravity Falls's richest resident.

I decide to offer her a hand instead. "You alright?"

She ignores my gesture and stands up on her own. "Never better. Look where you're going next time, dweeb."

"I'm sorry."

She looks at me face to face now, and her blue eyes are piercing. "You're Dorky Mabel's twin."

I blush and step back a bit. "That I am."

She steps a bit closer, her intense curiosity singeing me. I can feel her warm breath on my face. "I've always wondered how the two of you could be so similar, but completely different."

"A..a lot of twins are like that."

"But Mabel's so...lame. And you're not, Dipper."

I turn redder, if possible and try feebly to protect my sister. "She's not lame, she's just...different."

"Different," Pacifica muses, her blue eyes sparkling with a mix of malice and curiosity. "Yes.."

I shift uncomfortably, though I'm secretly pleased that she complimented me. Suddenly her pink cell phone rings. She pulls it out of her pocket and glances at it quickly before turning on her heel. She's a few paces away before I realize she's leaving. I think she reads my look of confusion as a look of disappointment, because she chuckles indulgently.



"I think I'll see you around."

With that, she waltzes off, leaving me with too many feelings to understand.