Gumpety Canyon is a ripoff of gravity falls. In it, a very shit kid, Diaper Palms, after reading a foot fetish magazine that was from a butter shed, tries to find the sexiest girl in where they are for the summer, a small location in the Key West, Gravy Boats, where they stay at their uncle's butter statue museum called conundrum hut. Meanwhile, his sleepy sister, Beyblade Palms, who has many onesies, has a capybara, listens to a boy band called DANIEL, and has a gun and vapes, constantly is an annoying little shit to her already shit brother. One of diaper's notable traits is that he has a crush on a girl who constantly chows down on burgers and always has grease around her mouth because of it, Burger King. She works at conundrum hut. Someone else who works at conundrum hut is sauce, a giant egg man who only wears a speedo. The only thing sauce says is his name. He also can barf up sauce. Burger King puts a collar around sauce and walks him so he can't get lost. The person who owns the conundrum hut is grandmaster stamos. His body has a very large head. He also secretly eats people and puts porno mags in the conundrum hut's world famous butter logs. There is also a spooky spectre trying to get ahold of Grandstar Gulch's secrets. His name is Paul Shaper and is voiced by Paul Shaffer.

Trivia Edit

-The name of Granddaddy Floats changes every episode. Sometimes, it changes mid-episode.

-The conundrum hut sells crocs.

-There is a running gag about sesame street band-aids.