The BeginningEdit

We open on a seen of a bus driving down an old dirt road in the middle of Oregon on a lightly snowy day. Inside the bus among other people are two twins, Dipper and Mabel, who are going to visit their Great Uncle Stanford for their winter break. Ford is a paranormal investigator who runs a small museum in the sleepy town of Gravity Falls, the Mystery Museum. This museum both displays and funds his research. The twins haven't seen him in years and were both excited to finally see him again. Mabel was excited because much like her great uncle she was fascinated with the paranormal and was hoping to learn more about it while she was there. And Dipper was excited because... well it doesn't take much to excite him. Mabel was reading a magazine a Ford had sent them. "I wonder if we'll find anything while we're there." She said smiling. Dipper grinned looking up from his video game. "Yeah like another six legged frog like the one last time we were here. You spent the whole day trying to catch that thing convinced it was the Creature from the Black Lagoon." "Hey, do I need to remind you who helped me to catch it that whole day?" She asked smirking at him. "I was bored." He said looking back at his game. "But... it was still pretty fun." He said smiling. Dipper was never quite as into the paranormal as Mabel was, but he rarely passed up a chance to go 'monster hunting' with her. There was just something fun about looking for things that could be coincided weird. With that Mabel just rolled her eyes and picked up her magazine again. After while Mabel looked out the window to see the 'Welcome to Gravity Falls' sign. She smiled and nudged Dipper who was somewhat engulfed him his game. "Hey Dip, we're here!" She said as the bus pulled up to the stop. Dipper smiled and pushed himself off the seat and grabbing his stuff. "Come on Dipper." Mabel said waiting for him. "I'm coming." He chuckled following her off the bus. The two watched the bus drive away. "So Grunkle Ford said he'd meet us here right?" Dipper asked. "Yes, I did." A familiar voice said behind them. The twins turned around to see a smiling Ford standing by his car. "Grunkle Ford!" The bother said running up to hug him. Ford laughed and looked down at them. "Hey kids, good to see you. It's been far too long." "Are we going to go to the museum?" Mabel asked looking up at him. Ford looked at her and nodded. "Yeah, why don't we get going?" He said gesturing to him car. The twins smiled at each other before getting inside the car followed by a chuckling Ford. With that he started the car and headed towards the museum. After a minute or so of driving Ford remembered to say something. "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I have two employes that work with me at the shop. Soos, and Robbie. Robbie just works during the day but Soos actually lives with me there." He said. "Oh, good to know." Mabel said looking down. "Don't worry." Ford started picking up on her worried tone. "Soos is a big lovable luge and Robbie... well, he's harmless at least." He said focusing on the road. "I can't wait to meet Soos." Dipper says smiling. "Yeah, I get the feeling you two will get along great with him." Ford said as he pulled up to the museum. "Now come on you two. They should both be waiting inside." The twins got out of the car getting their stuff from the trunk as they followed Ford to inside, there as he said was Robbie and Soos. "Alright Soos, Robbie this is my neighs and nephew. Dipper, Mabel these are my employes. You guys introduce yourselves. I have something to do real quick." He said leaving. "Sup Dudes." Soos said waving at them. Robbie smiled and leaned against the counter of the cash register. "Hey kids, good to finally meet you." Dipper smiled and walked up to them. "Likewise." He said. "So um, you name is Dipper..." Soos started. "It's a nickname." Dipper said. "Do you want to know how I got it?" He asked quirking an eyebrow. Soos nodded eagerly. Dipper smiled and sat on a high stool and moved the tuft of hair away from his forehead revealing a birth mark shaped almost exactly like the Big Dipper. Soos looked at this for a second before his eyes widened in amazement. "Wow, that probably the most amazing thing I've ever seen." He said. Robbie glanced at him and nodded. "Pretty cool dude." Dipper smiled and pushed his hair down. "Yeah, I've had it ever since I was born. They say it's just a normal birth mark. But I think I know what it really is." Mabel just rolled her eyes and walked over to the living room, she knew where this was going. Dipper started rambling off a story about destiny, magic and some kind of epic quest. A story Mabel has heard a thousand times. Soos listened intently as did Robbie. Robbie knew he was making up every word but didn't say anything as not to ruin it for Soos. About half way though Dipper's surprising long story Robbie looked over to see Mable sitting by herself in the big armchair in the living room. "Hmm..." He walked over to her and smiled. "Hey kid." Mabel looked up from her book. "...Hi." She said quietly. "Your one of those shy kids, aren't ya?" He asked. Mabel responded with a nodded. Robbie chuckle. "Look, I know I look kinda scary but I swear I'm a nice guy. So if wanna hang out sometime don't be scared to ask." He said smiling. Mabel smiled and nodded again. "Alright, thanks." She said. Robbie smiled and glanced at the clock. "No problem, now I gotta be getting home soon. My dad will have a fit if I'm late." He said walking towards the door. "See you tomorrow guys." "Have a good day Robbie." Ford said coming back into the room. "Bey Robbie." Soos Said waving. Dipper waved as Robbie left before realizing he had somewhat forgotten about his sister while telling his story. He looked over to see her sitting in the arm chair. "HEY MABEL!" He yelled jumping on the chair beside her, grinning widely knowing full well he caught her off guard. Mabel jumped before giving her brother a light punch. "Dipper! You jerk!" She said pushing, though still smiling slightly. Ford watched them for a seconds and smiled before walking over to them. "Alright you two, I know you just got here but it's getting late. And you still need to unpack your stuff. I have your room set up in the addict." He said. "Alright." They said as they followed him up to the addict. In the attic there where two small beds on either sides. "I call the right side!" Dipper yelled running over to the bed on the right side on the room. Ford chuckled and looked around. "Yeah it's not the greatest room ever but it's all I had on short notice." "I think it's fine Grunkle Ford." Mabel said walking over to her side of the room. Ford smiled. "Well I'm glad you like it. Get yourselves settled in, I'll see you two tomorrow morning. Good night kids." He said walking through the door. "G'night Grunkle Ford!" Dipper yelled. Mabel smiled as she took a few things out of her suitcase. "This is going to be awesome. I can't wait to go looking around the forest tomorrow." She said laying down on her bed. Dipper glanced at her and chuckled. "Don't get too excited Sis, or else I'm gonna start thinking that I'll have to leave without you." He said. "Oh don't be Silly Dip." Mabel started. "I would be bored in a week without you." She said. Dipper looked up and smiled faintly before stretching his arms and yawning. "Alright, I'm getting tired. Time to go to bed." He said pulling at his blankets. Mabel smiled and nodded. "Alright then, Good night Bro. See you in the morning." She said turning off her light. "G'night Sis." Dipper said turning off his light as well. And with that, the twins drifted off to sleep.

Mabel woke up around seven o'clock like she usually does and got dressed in her white t-shirt with a blue pine tree symbol on the front. She looked over to see Dipper still fast asleep. She rolled her eyes and walked up to him. "Dipper, come on Bro time to wake up." She said shaking him lightly. Dipper groaned and turned away, he always had trouble waking up in the morning. Mabel folded her arms and chuckled. "Dipper come on. I know how to wake you up." She said poking his side. That got Dipper to sit up quickly. "Ahh Okay, okay! I'm Up!" He said laughing nervously. Mabel chuckled and stepped back. "Good, now get dressed lazy bone. I'll meet you downstairs." She said head towards the door. Dipper rubbed his eye and got up from his bed. "Alright be down in a minute." He said as he got out one of his home made long sleeve t-shirts. This one being his favorite, a red one with a shooting stare on the front. With that Mabel headed downstairs to find an already awake Ford and Soos. Ford looked up and smiled. "Morning Mabel, wheres your brother?" He asked, while cooking some breakfast. "He'll be down soon." She said sitting down at the table. Not long after that they heard creaking on the steps. Dipper made his way down the steps and walk over to the table. "Morning everyone." He said sitting down next to Mabel. "Morning Dude." Soos said waving at Dipper. Ford smiled and and gave them each a plate of scrambled eggs and toast. "Here ya go you two. I'm not much of a chief, but I hope you enjoy." He said sitting on the other side of the table. "Thanks Grunkle Ford." Dipper said starting to eat. Ford smiled and looked at them. "Oh, and I forgot ask you two. I know your on Christmas brake and all, but you know I run a small gift shop here and I would really appreciate it if you two would help with a few things." "Well..." The two started glancing at each other. "Of course I'd be paying you for it, that's only far." He said smiling. "We'll Do It!" They both said excitedly. 'I thought that would work.' Ford thought to himself chuckling. "But um, Grunkle Ford..." Mabel started looking down. "We'll still have time to go out monster hunting right?" She asked smiling faintly. Ford laughed. "Of course, just promise me if you two find interesting you'll tell me." He said. The two nodded and smiled at each other. "After breakfast?" Dipper whispered. Mabel smiled and nodded. "Defiantly." She answered. Once they were done with breakfast the twins got up and headed for the door. After alittle insisting from Mabel for Dipper to put on a coat they headed outside into the snowy forest. Ford watch and chuckled to himself. "They remind you of your brother don't they mister Pines?" Soos asked. He laughed and leaned back in his chair. "Yes Soos, yes they do." He answered. The twins made there way to the forest behind the museum. Dipper smiled and looked around. "You think we should split up? We can cover more ground that way." He said. "Alright, but don't go too far. I don't wanna get lost out here." She answered. "Move Out!" Dipper yelled running off into the forest. Mabel just chuckled and looked around. "This place sure looks different." She said walking around. Little did she know however that something was following her her from a distance. Just as she turns around to see something jump at her, causing her to stumble back against a tree. "Ahhh!" "Baaa." A small goat jumps up on a rock and looks down at her before running off. Mabel got back up and rubbed her head. "Just a goat, nothing weird." She said, but as she did she realized she heard something else when she feel against the tree, a metal bang. Both confused and curies, she walked up to the tree and knocking on the trunk a few times. When she does this she hears the same metallic sound. It turns out to be a metal door in the tree that reviled a few buttons and a joint stick. "What is this suppose to do?" She asked hitting a few of the buttons. After a minute or so of messing with the controls she heard a maniacal clanking sound and looked over to see a large hole opening in the ground and a metal cabinet rising from the ground. "This day just keeps getting weirder." Mabel said walking up to the cabinet. On the cabinet was a door with a large crescent moon symbol engraved on it, but Mabel payed little mind to that and opened the door to reveal a large red book inside. "A book... who put this here?" She asked picking up the book, inside were multiple detailed entries of monsters with illustrations and information. Mabel recognized some on the monsters, but not most of them. "Wow... it's a monster journal." She said as she flipped through the pages. "HEY MABEL!" Dipper yelled jumping out from behind the tree. Mabel nearly jumped out of her skin and almost dropped the journal in the process. "Ahhh! DIPPER, do you Have to do that?" She asked turning to him. Dipper laughed and walked up to her. "Sorry Sis, it was just too easy." He said still chuckling to himself. He then looked around and noticed the somewhat unusual seen. "Uhh, what'd you find Sis?" He asked looking back at her. Mabel smiled and showed him the journal that she had found. "Check this out Dip. I found this old book in all this weird devices. It's filled with descriptions of all sorts of monsters." She said smiling. Dipper smiled and looked at the book. "Cool, you found this out here?" He looks over at the mechanical cabinet before looking back at the book. He glances at the cover of the book and noticed something. "Uhh hey Mable." He started. "Look at the hand print on the front." "What about it-" Just as she asked that she noticed the golden hand had six fingers. Just like Their Great Uncle Ford. The two looked at each other and smiled at each other. "It's Grunkle Ford's! It's gotta be!" Mabel said looking back at the book. "Yeah who else would write a book like this?" Dipper chuckled. "You think we should go back and show him?" He asked. Mabel nodded. "We did promised him we'd show him if we found anything." She said as they started walking back to the museum. "Good, cause I'm starting to get cold out here." Dipper said rubbing his arms. But as they were walking back a creature who was drawn to the noise from the cabinet raising up had come looking for the sound. It looked around from the bushes for a second before it's eyes landing on the twins, it let out a low growl. "Then why did you wear your gym shorts? You knew it was snowing." Mabel asked unaware they were being followed. "Because I like them!" Dipper said. Mabel was a bought to respond but was cut off by a loud high pick voice. "HUMANS! YOU DARE TO ENITRE OUR FOREST!?" It yells out still keeping it's self hidden. This causes the twins jump and look around. "Who's there?" Dipper asks "Who is there?" He laughed. "Me, the great Gravul one of the prestigious Golems of the forest!" He yelled proudly. Dipper glanced at Mabel then looked around. "Uhh Mabe, is there anything in that book about Golems?" He asked stepping back. "Uhh I don't know." Mabel said flipped through the book. "Found it! 'The Golem is an animated anthropomorphic being, magically created entirely from inanimate matter. They are large rock like creatures and very dangerous. Avoid At ALL cost!' ...Well that doesn't sound good." Gravul let out a laugh. "That's Right Humans! Now Face The Wrath Off The Golem!" He then jumps down, and he is only a few feet tall. The twins look at him for a second before Dipper glanced at Mabel. "Uhh Mabel..?" He started being very confused. Mabel being equally confused looked back at the book. "Oh, here we go. 'However on rare occasion some of them can be rather small. While not as dangerous as it's larger counter part they can still do damage. Keep an eye on it.' Huh." "Aww, he's so cute!" Dipper said going over to pet him. "He's like a living pet rock!" Gravul growled and swiped at his hand. "Don't Touch Me!" He yelled. "Dipper, would you be careful." She said trying not to laugh herself at the considerably funny seen. Dipper chuckled and looked back at her. "Oh don't worry, he's harmless- OWW!" Just as he said that Gravul bit his arm. The small Golem then jumped back a growled. "I Am Not A Pet!" He yelled. "You alright Dip?" Mabel asked walking up to her brother. Dipper nodded and glanced at Mabel. "Yeah, I'm fine." He answered looking back down a Gravul. "Not For Long Human!" Gravul Yelled pointing at them. Dipper rubbed his head then looked back at Mabel. "So what do we do now?" Dipper asked. "Uhh, walk away." She answered. "Alright." He said smiling as the two headed back to the museum. "Hey! Come Back Here!" Gravul Yelled chasing after them. "So how do you think Grunkle Ford is going to react to this?" Dipper asked. Mabel shrugged and continued walking. "I don't know. The thing I'm really wondering is how this book got out here in the first place though. You think Grunkle Ford put it here?" She asked. Gravul realizing he is being ignored, growled and let out a yell. "BROTHER!" With that a set of heavy, and loud foot steps could be heard approaching them. Then a much larger Rock creature stepped out from the forest and walked over to Gravul. "Brother..." It said in a low raspy voice as he went to pick up Gravul. "Hello Slab." Gravul said sitting on his shoulder. Dipper backed up and glanced at his sister. "Uhh Mabel..." He started. "Run." Mabel said as Slab turned to them. "AFTER THEM!" Gravul yelled as the twins ran off. Slab roared and charged into the forest. The twins barely ran out of the way causing Slab to slam his head into a tree. "Are you alright Slab?" Gravul asked. Slab groaned and rubbed his head. "Head Hurts..." He said. As this is happening the twins hid behind a rock. "We gotta make a run for it before he finds us." Mabel said quietly peering out from the rock. "Yeah, but we're not gonna be able to out run that thing." Dipper said glancing at her. "Oh Now Were Did They Go?!" Gravul yelled jumping down from Slab's shoulder. He walked over to an over hang. "Did they jump off the cliff or something- AHHH!" Just as he was looking down the drop his foot slipped and he nearly feel off, barely grabbing the snow covered edge. "Ahhhh! Brother! Help!" He yelled trying to pull himself up. "GRAVUL!" Slab yelled rushing over to him. "Now's our chance." Mabel said getting ready to run. "Wait." Dipper said grabbing her arm. "We can't just leave him." "Sure we can. They are trying to kill us." She said. "Yeah but if he falls that big guy is just going to be more angry. But maybe, just Maybe if we help, they won't hurt us." Dipper said glancing at the Golems. Mabel thought about it for a second then sighed. "I hate it when your right. Come on let's go." "Ahhh... Slab back off! Your gonna knock me off the cliff!" Gravul said looking down at the pit below. "BROTHER." Slab said getting worried. "Hey." Mabel said getting their attention. "Look, just step back. We can help." Slab growled before Gravul stopped him. "Brother... let them help." He said feeling his grip loosen. With that the twins rushed up to him. "Okay give me your hand." He said reaching his hand down. Gravul grabbed his hand, he is much heavier than he looks. Mabel grabbed his other hand. "Alright, on three." She said, Dipper nodded. "One, Two, THREE!" The both said pulling him up. Gravul sat on the ground and rubbed his head. "Brother!" Slab yelled. "Yes I'm alright Slab." He said before looking back at the twins. "...Why did you help me?" He asked. "Because we don't want to be enemies." Mabel said. "Yeah, we were just trying to have fun. We didn't want any trouble." Dipper said smiling. Gravul groaned and looked down. "And here I was trying to kill you two. Gee, don't I look like the bad guy. I'm sorry." He said quietly. Mabel looked at her brother before turning back to Gravul. "It's fine, but can I ask why you were being so..." "Hostile?" Dipper finished for her. "Humans mean..." Slab stated. Gravul rubbed his head and nodded. "Yeah, most humans try to hurt us. So I guess we just came to expecting you to do the same." "Yeah that would explain it." Mabel said. "But it wasn't fair to you." He said getting up. "If I hadn't nearly fallen just then we could of seriously hurt you. Or Worse! I won't let it happen again. In fact..." He started as he turned back to them. "If you need help with anything, And I mean Anything, Come looking for us. It's the least we can do after what happened." Mabel smiled a bit but looked down. "Thanks but you don't really need to-" "Oh come on, it's the Least we can do after what just happened!" Gravul said smiling. Mabel looked back at Dipper who nodded eagerly. And with that she sighed and smiled. "Alright fine, if it will make you feel better." "YAY!" Slab yelled before picking his brother up. "Alright then, we must be off then. I will be hoping to see you soon my new friends! Uhh, whats your names?" He asked. "I'm Mabel and this is my brother Dipper." Mabel said. "Ahh siblings as well I see." Gravul said smiling. "No wonder your so nice. Now Brother, On Word!" He yelled as Slab walked off deeper into the forest. The twins watched them leave then Dipper turned to Mabel. "Well, that went better than expected." He said smiling. Mabel couldn't help but laugh. "That's definitely a lot more exciting than a six legged frog. Come on, let's go tell Grunkle Ford!" She said putting the journal in her coat.

The twins headed back to the museum and immediately went looking for Grunkle Ford, they found him in the living room and started excitedly telling him about what happened. Ford laughed and tried to calm them down. "Whoa Whoa Whoa, what are you two talking about? A Golem?" He asked looking down at them. Mabel smiled and started off. "Well, first we were walking through the forest when we heard this voice. It was this one Golem that was smaller than us." Ford started to laugh then stopped. 'Small..?' "Uhh, really now?" He said rubbing his arm. "Yeah, but then he called his brother who was like, Alot bigger. The almost crushed us. But then the little one almost fell off the cliff and we helped him." Dipper said excitedly. "And now we're friends with some Golems." Mabel finished off smiling. Ford just looked at them for a second then smiled. "Wow... one day in and you already found something it took me weeks to find." He said smiling at them. "Oh yeah, and we also found this." She said taking out the journal and handing it to him. Ford just stared at it for a minute. "You... you found my journal..." He said in disbelief as he opened it. "So you Did write this." Dipper said looking at the journal. "Yes, I did." He started. "Where did you find it?" He asked very confused. "Well..." Mabel started. "I found this control panel that was hidden behind metal door decided as the bark of a tree and then when I hit a few a few buttons this platform rose up and I found this in there." She said in a jumbled mess of words. "Did you put it there?" "No!" Ford said. "Someone stole it from me. A long time ago long with another one of my journals." He said looking back at them. The twins looked at each other. "Stole it from you?" Dipper asked looking back at him. Ford nodded. "Yeah, I wrote three of these actually. They never found the the first one I wrote..." He said looking at the door to his lab. "But they took my second one, and this one." He said looking back at the journal. The then looked back at the twins and smiled. "You two are something else. I've been looking for this for a long time and you found them in one day." He smiled and handed it back to Mabel. "Here, hold on to this for me. And keep an eye out for the second journal. Cause you certainly have better luck then me. Just don't lose it." He said laughing. Mabel smiled and looked at the journal . "Thanks Grunkle Ford." She said. "No problem." Ford smiled then looked back at the shop. "You two have done great to day, but I think Robbie and Soos might need your help in the shop now. Do you mind?" He asked. "No problem!" Dipper said smiling at his sister. Mabel put the Journal back in her coat and headed to the shop with him. "Well this has been fun." Dipper said. "Yeah but I'm kinda confused. Why would someone steal his journals out of everything else he has here?" She asked. Dipper shrugged then walked inside the shop. "Maybe they're just another big monster nerd like you." He said smiling. Mabel just rolled her and pushed him lightly. "Oh shut up."

In a bunker deep below the town, an old man learned of the journal going missing. "WHAT?!" He yelled in anger at his messenger. He shrank back in fear. "I'm sorry sir. But someone found the third journal and took it." "Do you have Any idea what it means now that we lost a Journal?" He asked glaring at him. "Yes, I do know sir. But there is good news." He said smiling nervously. "We have them on recording." The old man sat back down and calmed down. "That's the only reason I'm not killing you right now. Pull it up." He said looking at the large screen in front of him. "Yes Sir!" He said pulling up the images. On the screen was shown several images of the twins with the journal. "Children? Do you know who they are." The man started to shake alittle. "Uhh yeah about that. We do and... Their names are Dipper and Mabel... Pines." He said stepping back. The elderly man's eye widened greatly. "WHAAAT?!"

Gravity GraveyardEdit

It was an early in the day at Gravity Falls. The museum was going to open in an hour. Stanford walked in the main room and looked around. He saw his Mabel still reading his journal, Dipper watching T.V, and Soos looking confused at a fuse box. "Hmm, that's three of my staff. But someone is missing." He looked around and sighed. "Were is Robbie?" "Don't worry Mr. Pines. I'm sure he'll be here before the shop opens." Soos said smiling. Stanford scratched his head. "I hope your right Soos." After a few minutes there was a rush of cold air though the shop. "About time." Stanford turn to the door. Robbie smirked alittle and closed the door behind him. "Relax dude. I'm here before the store opened right?" He said before stepping behind the cash register. Ford sighed. "Yes I suppose you are. Get ready everyone, we're going to open in a few minutes." As time went on people filled in store and looked around the museum. Mable was cleaning the floors when she heard Robbie call over to her. "Hey Mabes, can you watch the register for me for a minute? I need to go talk to my friends real quick." Mable struggled to hide the fact that she was blushing. "Uh hehe, yeah sure Robbie. No problem." She grinned nervously. Robbie smiled and stepped away from the register. "Thanks Mable, I owe ya." He said before going outside. Mable stood in front of the register before hearing a familiar humming beside her. She turned to see her brother smiling smugly at her. He grinned. "You like Robbie." He said in a sing song voice. Mable bushed and turned away. "N-no I don't!" She said looking down. Dipper smiled and punched her arm lightly. "Don't lie to me Mable. If you don't admit it, I'll just tell Robbie and he'll he what he think." He snickered. "Alright alright! Fine I might, maybe, sort of, kinda like him." She said as she scratched her head. "Just... don't tell Robbie alright. It would be kinda weird if he knew." Dipper smiled and nodded. "Okay fine. I promise I won't say anything." Mable sighed and smiled at him. "Thanks Dip." As she said this she saw Robbie coming back. Robbie walked up to the two and smiled. "Thanks Mabes. I can take over again." "No problem Robbie. So what were you guys talking about anyway?" Mable asked. "Oh we were just talking about where we were going to hang out tonight. I think we're gonna hang out at the old grave yard. People in the town say it's haunted." A smile spread a crossed Mable's face. "Grave yard, haunted, Ghost." Dipper chuckled and rolled his eyes. "Oh boy. Here we go again." Robbie quirked his eyebrow. "What?" "Mable knows like, Everything about ghost. She's spent most of her life learning about that stuff." He said looking up at Robbie. Robbie chuckled. "Huh, really? Well hey, you guys wanna come with us?" He asked. "Really?! You'd let us?" She said smiling. "Will your friends be okay with that?" Robbie shrugged. "Yeah sure, my friends are pretty laid back. Well... most of them." He said scratching his head. "So you wanna go latter tonight?" "Yeah that would be awesome!" Mable said with excitement. Dipper smiled at her and nodded at Robbie. "Sure, I'll go." Robbie smiled and nodded at them. "Alright, I'll come get you two when I'm ready to do. Till then I gotta focus on work." He said turning back to the register. With that Mable and Dipper walked away, with Mable being very excited about this. "This is going to be so awesome! I can't wait to go!" Dipper laughed. "I can tell ya big nerd. Just don't full geek on me when we get there alright?" He smirked. "Oh shut up." Mable said pushing him.

After a few hours and the shop closed Robbie came to get Dipper and Mable. "Alright, you two ready to go?" "Go where?" Stanford came around the corner glancing at the three of them getting a nervous grin from Mable. Robbie smiled and shrugged. "I was just thinking the kids would have some fun hanging out with me and my friends. Don't worry, we aren't going to do anything dangerous. I just thought it'd be nice if they got some time away from here." Stanford sighed. "Alright fine, just don't let them get in any trouble." Robbie laughed alittle. "Are you kidding? After what these kids have been through, we're going to have to be sure they don't get US into trouble." "Just keep an eye on them." Ford said as he walked out of the room. "Yes sir Mr. Pines." He said as he turned to the twins. "Alright you two. Lets get going." He said before walking towards the door. Mabel grinned with excitement followed him. "Alright lets go! I can't wait to see what is looks like." Dipper chuckled as he walked beside her. "Calm down Sis, your acting more like me than usual." He said jokingly. Mabel glances and him and lightly jabbed his shoulder. "Oh shut up Dip." She says as they walk outside. Outside waiting for them was three guys and a redheaded girl. Robbie walked up to them. "Dipper, Mabel, these are my friends. Lee, Nate, Thompson, Tambry and Wendy." He then turned to the other. "Guys, these are my boss's great niece and nephew, Dipper and Mabel." Wendy glanced at them. "So what are they doing here?" He asked in a monotone voice. Robbie shrugged. "I decided to let them come with us. We were going to the creepy old cemetery and Mabel knows a lot about ghosts. So I thought it would be fun to bring her and Dipper." "You know everything about ghost? Awesome!" Said Nate. Mabel smiled shyly and scratched her head. "Well, I wouldn't say 'everything' but-" "Oh don't be so bashful!" Dipper said laughing as he turned to the others. "Mabel has been reading, watching, and learning about ghost since she was like... two. She could tell you the difference a residual haunting, a intelligent haunting and a demonic haunting and So many other things." He said then smiled at Mabel. "Awesome!" Both Lee and Nate yell. Mabel chuckled and shrugged. "Oh come on, you can find any of that in five minutes of searching on the internet." "What ever, can we just go already." Wendy groaned. "Yeah sure, Thompson do you have your mom's car?" Robbie asked. "Yeah, but she said you guys can't punch the roof anymore." He said as the group walked to the car. "Whoo Hoo! Lets Go!" "Yeah! Way to go Thompson!" Lee and Nate yell as they get in the car with everyone else. "Thompson, Thompson, Thompson!" The two chant as he starts up the car and starts to drive, all while punching the roof in spite of what they were told. "Come on guys, my mom is going to yell at me again." He says as he drives. After a car ride full of yelling, chanting and general ruckus they pulled up to the cemetery. The group got out and Robbie walked up to the gate. "Lady's and gentlemen, I present to you, Gravity Falls Cemetery." He said as he opened the gate. Lee and Nate ran in excitedly followed by the rest of the group. "Wow, look at this place! This is so cool!" Nate said looking around. "I bet it's full of ghosts and stuff too." Thomson said smiling. Wendy rolled her eyes. "So what? It's a cemetery, every single one is probably haunted and full of ghosts." "Actually..." Mabel started. "Spirits usually don't haunt the grave yards as much. They usually haunt where they died or a place very important to them." She said smiling. "Right, cause ghosts are drawn to emotions and memories and that's how they get a lot of their energy. Right?" He asked turning to Mabel who nodded at him while smiling. "You know a lot about this stuff too?" Lee asked. "Hey, when you live with Mabel Pines for twelve years you have to know a thing or two about ghost." He said smiling at Mabel. "Seems lame to me." Wendy said looking around with a disinterested look. "I think it's pretty cool." Robbie said smiling at Mabel. She smiled and looked down blushing alittle. "Thanks Robbie." She said quietly as Dipper elbowed her gently, smiling at her. After some time the group came to a particularly large and old grave tome. "Wow, check this thing out!" Thomson said as he and the others walked up to it. Robbie walked up to it and whipped the dust off the front of it, reviling some symbol that were unfamiliar to him. "What's this stuff? It's Defiantly not in English that's for sure." Mabel saw the symbols and and felt a twinge of fear go through her. "Uhh, maybe we shouldn't mess with this grave stone." She said veglly recognizing the symbols. "What, is this a bad thing or something?" Thomson asked stepping back alittle. "Yeah sure, I bet she's just scared." Said Wendy. Mabel rolled her eyes and walked forward. "Look, I just know there are somethings you should just do not mess with." She said sternly. "Whatever, if you really knew what was going on you wouldn't be scared." This made Mabel stop in her tracks. "I am not scared." She said turning to her. ("Uh oh.") Dipper thought to himself, knowing where this was going. Wendy shot a look at her. "Well if your aren't scared then prove it." "Fine!" Mabel yelled walking up to the tombstone. "This is the markings on this is to summon an spirit called a Graven." She looks at the markings. "Septra naO suwis cal." silence. "I guess I didn't say it-" Suddenly the ground started to shake. "Wh- whats going on?" Thomson asked. "Uhh Earthquake maybe." Robbie stated. "Mable?" Dipper said worryingly looking at Mabel. He had a faint idea of what was going on. Mabel felt a twinge of guilt at realizing what she had just done. "Uh guys, I really think we need to-" Before she could finish several large cracks formed in the tombstone, each one accompanied by an Earth shattering shake that knocked everyone down. The shaking died down and a green smoke pored out of the cracks of the tomb. What seemed to form from the smoke was a tall bony figure draped in a black cloaked. It seemed limp and lifeless at first but stiffened and looked around. "...I have... RETURNED!" It's voice started out low and raspy, but then boomed through the air. Everyone ran off to try and hide from the spirit. Dipper looked over at Mabel with a bit of fear. "Mable, what are we gonna do now?" He asked. "Yeah is there a way to get this guy back into his big rock?" Robbie asked with a look of worry. Mabel looked down with a mix of fear, guilt and embarrassment. "I- I... I don't know." "What!?" All the other shouted turning to her. This got the attention of the spirit. "HUMANS!" A thunderous roar came from the skeletal creature as it turned to them. Nate jumped up and tried to run for it. "I'm getting out of here!" He yelled, he didn't make it far though. The spirit raised a bonny hand levitating him. "No human escape me." It said in a raspy voice. It looked around and started to survey the area. Robbie watches then turns back to the others with a few beads of sweat on his forehead. "Guys, I think we're in trouble." Mabel stumbled back alittle at the reinitialization of her mistake. "Oh man, this is bad, like, really bad. I don't know what to do..." She looked down. "Wait a minute Mabel." Dipper started. "Isn't there something in Grunkle Ford's journal about that thing?" He asked. Mabel looked up for a second then gripped her brother in a hug. "Dipper your a genius!" She said before pulling back and flipping though the journal. Dipper could help but give a little smug grin. "Well, I guess I am pretty smart." Mabel didn't notice his smug remark as she was quickly flipping from page to page. "Umm lets see, Demons, Shadow Beings, Ghosts, Graven!" She started reading the pages but mostly looking for a specific section. "How To Trap It!" "Great! So what do we do?" Dipper said keeping an eye on the spirit. Mabel continued to read from the journal. "Draw these symbols one to a piece of paper, (there is an arrow pointing to a set of symbols and I'm too lazy too describe them. Just imagine Egyptian hieroglyphics or something.) Once drawn, lay the paper on a rock and chant these words, if done correctly the Graven will seem to be pulled inside the rock the the symbols on the paper should be engraved into the rock." "Is that all?" Dipper said sounding happily surprised. "That shouldn't be too-" Mabel still had a worried look to her. "Uhh Dip. It's gonna take me a minute to draw these." Robbie looked down at them before getting up. "Take your time, I'll keep the thing distracted." Mabel looked up as did Dipper. "Robbie! What if you get-" "I promised Ford wouldn't let anything happen to you. I'm not going back on that." He said as he made a distance between him and them. Then Getting the Graven's attention. "Hey! Golly! Over Here!" The Graven turned sharply and started to make his way to Robbie. Dipper watched this before turning back to Mabel. "We gotta do this quick Mabe." "Working on it." Mabel said drawing the first of the symbols. The Graven attempted to use a spell a Robbie but he manged to dodge. "Haha You missed me!" The Graven narrowed his eyes as he swiped at him again. "Insolent human." "Uhh Mabel..." Dipper started. "All most done." She said looking from the journal to the paper being sure she was drawing the symbols right. The Graven Raised his hand causing Robbie to levitate. It laughed deeply. "Gotcha." "Mabel!" Dipper yelled. "Done!" Mabel said putting her pencil down. "Now, what rock do we use?" She said looking around frantically. "Uhh how about this giant rock we're hiding behind." He said tapping the rock. Mabel looked at him. "Oh yeah, that will work." The Graven grinned as he got closer to Robbie. "Is it funny now?" It asked as it was about to perform a spell before getting hit with a rock. "Hey Spooky! Over Here!" Dipper yelled getting the spirit's attention. Then Graven snarled before dropping Robbie and lunging at Dipper. But before it could reach him Mabel got up and placed the paper on the rock. The Graven saw that and realized what she was doing. It gasped. "Nooo!" It yelled before trying to fly away. "Sectreario Niva!" Mabel Yelled, with that Graven started to glow and was puked towards the rock." "Nooo! Not Again!" It yelled. The ground shook again knocking the twins back. Then everything calmed down. Dipper rubbed his head and sat up, looking over at Mabel. "You alright Mabe?" He asked with a slightly concerned smile. Mabel smiled faintly and nodded. "Yeah, are you?" She asked while helping him up. "Yeah, I'm all in one piece as far as I can tell." He said checking to be sure he had all his limbs and fingers with a goofy grin. Mabel laughed while walk out from behind the rock. "Well good, I don't wanna have to put my brother back together." She said smiling as they walked up to the others, before her guilt started to come back. "Uhh, hey guys. I'm so sorry about that." She said looking down. "Sorry? Are you kidding...! That Was Awesome!" Lee yelled excitedly. Mabel looked up surprised. "Really?" "Yeah!" Nate yelled "I know we said this place was haunted, but I didn't acutely expect to See a ghost!" "Yeah, and they way you got that thing back in the rock and everything was pretty cool too. You really do know a lot about ghost." Thomson said. Tambry just nodded and gave a thumbs up before looking back at her phone. Mabel smiled at Dipper and they both fist bumped. "Are you kidding?!" Wendy yelled while walking over. "She almost got us Killed!" "Only because you were making fun of her before hand." Robbie said with a glare. "And further more..." He started. "At least she actually did something about it instead of running away like you." He said trying to keep from yelling. Wendy just backed up and looked down. "What ever. I'm going home." She said before walking away. Robbie sighed and turned back to the twins. "Sorry about her, I know you didn't mean for that to happen. Look, lets just head back. I think we had enough fun tonight." Mabel smiled and nodded before heading to the car with the others.

Thomson dropped the twins off at the museum. Robbie, looked over at them before he drove off. "Uhh, we probably shouldn't tell Ford about this. He's already on edge enough." He said smiling. "Yeah, good idea." Mabel said rubbing the back of her head. Robbie nodded. "Cool, so, I'll see you two tomorrow then." He said as Thomson drove away. Dipper smiled and waved before heading inside with Mabel. "Well that was fun. And you got on good terms with Robbie." He said grinning at Mabel. Mabel blushed alittle and looked down. "Yeah, well at least we're friends now." "Yeah, and hey, who knows he might actually start to like you like you one day." He said smirking a bit. Mabel glanced at him and pushed him. "Oh shut it Dipper." She said, though she couldn't help but smile slightly. Dipper laughed. "Well hey, if that doesn't work, you'll still always have me." He said grinning as he put his arm around Mabel. Mabel chuckled. "Yeah, I will." She said as the two headed up to there room to get some well needed rest.

The ClairvoyantEdit

It was a fairly slow day in the Museum. “Hmm, I wonder were everyone is. We usually have more people in the gift shop at thus time.” Mable said looking around the shop. “Who knows.” Robbie says leaning back in his chair. “But as long as I'm still getting paid by the hour, I could care less.” Just then a cold rush of wind blew through the door with an excited Dipper rushing with it. “Were have you been?” Mabel asked walking over to him. Dipper smiled and shook the snow off him. “Oh just looking around the town. I was cruise as to were everyone was going if they weren't here.” “Well, did you find anything?” Mabel asked getting alittle cruise herself. With that Dipper pulled out a big purple poster. 'THE TENT OF TALEPATY Come Meat The Greatest Clairvoyant In All The Land.' “They all went to to check this place out. It's like a psychic or something.” He says looking at the poster. “That's what a psychic is genesis.” She said rolling her eyes. “Well I'm a gonna check it out.” Dipper said putting the poster down. “Dipper, that place is the reason the store is dead right now. I don't think-” “You don't have to come with me if you don't want want to.” He said grabbing his coat. Mabel looked down and scratched her head. “Uhh, alright, I don't have anything else to do today anyway. I guess I'll go with you.” “Then hurry up slowpoke!” He laughed as he went there the door. Mabel quickly grabbed her coat. “Wait For me!” She yelled as she ran after him. --- The two got to a large purple tent with gold stars and moon and other fancy designs. Outside were two posters that they saw earlier. Dipper grinned and looked around. “This awesome.” He said cheerfully. “Yeah, you gotta admit, they spared no experience. Maybe this will actually be some fun.” Mabel said looking around with a fain smile. “Anythings Fun When I'm Around!” Dipper said grinning widely as the two headed in the tent. Mable laughed and and gave him alittle shove. “Your defiantly something Bro, that's for sure.” They laugh as they head inside the surprisingly worm tent. The two found some seats and waited for the show to start. Mabel looked around at the very crowded tent. “Wow, you weren't kidding when you said everyone was coming here. The hole town must of-” Dipper cut her off as the lights when down. “Shh! It's starting!” He whispered excitedly. A deep voice came out over the speakers in the tent. “NOW, WHAT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. YOU KNOW HER, YOU LOVE HER. SHE IS THE GREATEST Clairvoyant OF HER TIME. THE MAGICL, THE MYSTCAL,Pacifica Gleeful!” With that, a young girl in a fancy purple dress, blond hair, golden ear rings, and lots of makeup came out as the spot light came down on her. She smiled and looked over at her audience. “Why hello ya'll. I'm so glad you came here to see little old me. I can see I have a lot of return visitors, and... “Her eyes seemed to land on Mabel and Dipper. “...Some new visitors. Welcome to you all! Now, Lets Get This Show On The Road!” She yelled as the light flashed different colors and a confetti cannon fired off. The show went on and Pacifica did the usually psychic things but with bright lights and other flashy thing going off. After several performances Pacifica came off stage, eventually walking up to Dipper. “Well hello there cutie.” She said smiling. “Hi!” Dipper said excitedly. “My name is Robert (I think that's his real name), but everyone calls me-” “Dipper.” She said smiling smugly. “A nickname you got from a birthmark on your forehead.” She added swiftly. Dipper's eyes widened. “Wow, your good.” He said still grinning. Mabel glanced at the two of them. 'Maybe alittle too good.' She thought to herself. --- After the show Dipper and Mabel started to head back. “That Was Awesome!” Dipper said with a wide grin a crossed his face. “The effects were nice at least. But it was just the same fake stuff that every psychic does.” Mabel said bluntly. “Oh yeah, coming form the girl who believes in ghosts.” Dipper chuckled. “And you don't? After what we've been though?” Mabel asked. “No, I believe in that stuff. And I believe she is psychic and awesome too!” Dipper answered proudly. “Your too easily impressed.” She said to him. “No your just a lame boring person!” Dipper said poking at Mable. Mable laughed and push him. “Dipper! Quit It!” “Make me Sis!” He said as he poked her a few more times. “Boop, boop boop!” The two laugh as they headed back to the museum, unaware that they were being watched. By a young girl in the purple tent. “Hmmhm, aren't those two cute. Especially... him.” She chuckled as she went back inside. --- After about a day the twins were back at the museum when there was a knock at the door. “I'll get it!” Dipper yelled. He answered the door and saw a tall well dressed man. “Master Dipper, yes?” He asked looking at Dipper. Mable glanced at them but went back to cleaning. “Uhh, I wouldn't say 'master' but... yeah, I'm Dipper.” Dipper said smiling. “Miss. Gleeful has requested a date with you at the restaurant here in town.” He said as he handed Dipper an invitation. “Her majesty a waits for your answer. Good day.” He bowed and left, closing the door behind him. Mable stopped cleaning and walked up to Dipper who was looking at the invitation. “So that psychic girl wants to talk with you. What for?” She asked. “I think she just wants to go out with me.” Dipper said reading the note. “Are going to go?” Mabel asked glancing at the note then back at Dipper. “Yeah sure. That sounds like fun, and She's paying for it! What could go wrong?” He said grinning. “A lot of things.” Mabel said looking alittle worried. “Oh come on, it'll be fine. I'll be right in town. And look at it this way, you'll have some time to your self to read though that journal.” Mabel sighed and looked back up at him. “Alright fine. Just don't stay out too late.” “Okay Mom.” Dipper laughed as he got his coat. “I'll be back at seven.” He said as he went though the door. Mabel watched as he left. “...See ya Bro.” She sighed as she left. --- Dipper got to the town dinner and looked around. It didn't take him long to find Pacifica, as she was in a corner both that was made to look very fancy. Candles, fancy table wear, and all that stuff. Dipper smiled and stat down. “Wow, you really didn't hold anything back. This looks great.” “Glad you like it.” She said smiling at him. “I'm glad you came. I was hopping to spend some time with you.” “Well I'm glad to get some time out of the house.” He said looking at the menu. “Usually I just spend the whole day with my sister. I mean, Mabel is a great sister and all, but man can she be overly protective at times.” Pacifica giggled. “Well, you don't have to worry about that here. I know you can handle yourself.” Just as she says this a waiter comes up to their table. “What will it be today?” Pacifica smiled and turned to Dipper. “Go head. You can order what ever you want. I'll take care of the bill.” Dipper just smiled. “Okay, were do I start?” He laughed looking at the menu. --- Meanwhile, back at the museum, Mabel was sitting on the arm chair reading Grunkle Ford's journal. She sighs. “Reading about monsters isn't as fun as hunting for them... with Dipper.” She closes the journal and looked up at the clock, seven thirty. She sighed again. 'Calm down, he's only thirty minuets late so far. Hes probably heading back now. ...I hope.' Just as she thought this however, she heard the door open and close. Mabel got up and saw that it was Dipper. Dipper hung his coat up and smiled at her nervously. “Sorry, I know I'm alittle late. But we got to talking just as I was about to leave. I guess I lost track of time.” Mabel sighed with relief. “It's fine, your only a few minutes late. So... did you have fun?” She asked. Dipper smiled. “Yeah, it was great! Pacifica was really nice and she thinks I'm funny. We are thinking about hanging out again.” “Well good.” Mabel started. “She'd better treat my little brother right.” She said laughing and gripping her brother in a tight hug. Dipper laughed and pushed her alittle. “Mabel! Come on, your like, Five Minutes older than me.” He said smiling. “Five minutes is still five minutes Dip.” She laughed. Dipper gave a chuckle and rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Hey, we still got some time before we have to go to bead. You wanna go monster hunting?” Dipper asked smiling. “DO I!?” Mabel said running to get the journal. “Race ya to the forest!” Dipper yelled before heading though the door. Mabel laughed and ran after him. “Hey! No Fair, you got a head start!” The two spent the rest of the day out in the forest looking for monsters and adventure in general. As the sun started to set they headed back to the museum before going up to their room. Dipper jumped on his bead while Mabel went over to her's. Dipper looked over at her with a small twinge of worry. “You gonna be alright tonight Sis?” He asked from his bead. Mabel smiled at him as she got into her bead. “Yeah, I haven't had a nightmare for a while now. I'm sure I'll be alright.” “Alright then. G'night Mabel.” He said as he turned the lights out. Mabel smiled and pulled her blankets up. “Good night Dip.” She said as the two fell asleep. --- The next day the two were watching a new episode of 'Duck-Tective' with excitement. “Oh Boy! I wonder who did it This time!” Dipper said with anticipation. “I already know who it is.” Mabel said. Dipper smirked at her. “That's what you said last time but then you were completely wrong.” Mabel folded her arms and looked down. “That's only because they found a critical piece of evidence at the last minute.” Dipper grinned and rolled his eyes. “Yeah sure Sis.” As they're watching this however, Stanford can be heard talking on the phone. “Uh-Hu... Yeah, he's here... Alright.” He looked over at the twins and spoke up. “Hey Dipper, someone wants to talk to you.” Dipper smiled and got up. “Alright, I'm coming.” Mabel tried to forces on the show, but couldn't but listen in on what Dipper was saying. “Hello, this is Dipper. ...Oh hey Pacifica! No I'm not doing anything. ...Uh, now? ...No no, it's fine. Yeah... I'll see you soon then, bye.” He said before hanging up the phone. Mabel looked over at him. “Your going to hang out with Pacifica again today? But we've been waiting for this episode for like, Forever now.” Mabel said, sounding alittle sad. Dipper looked down and scratched his head. “Yeah, I know. But hey, you can explain it when I get back.” He said smiling. Mabel gave him a little smile. “Well, alright. See ya when you get back Dip.” She said as she went back to the chair. “See ya.” Dipper said going outside and closing the door behind him. --- Latter that night Dipper and Pacifica have been hanging out at a small town fair. Dipper was laughing and walking with Pacifica. “This was awesome! I've had a lot of fun hanging out with you.” Dipper said smiling at her. Pacifica giggled. “I'm glad you think so. I've been having fun too.” Dipper laughed but then thought of something. “Wait... what time is it.” He looked at his watch and a jolt of panic went though it. “Oh My Gosh! It's Already Eight O’clock! I was suppose to be home an hour ago!” Pacifica grabbed his arm and tried to calm him down. “So what if your late? Your having fun.” She said smiling. “But I'm going worry Mabel.” He said feeling alittle bad. “Didn't you say she can be alittle too protective? Maybe it's about time you show her that you can take care of yourself.” Dipper thought about this for a second then smiled back at her. “Ya know what, your right. I can handle myself.” And with that, the they stayed out at the fair until it closed, at ten O'clock. --- Back at the Museum, Mabel was freaking out. “Were the heck is he?! Did something happen? Maybe-” As she said this she heard the door open, Dipper was finally back. “Dipper! What The Heck Took You So Long!?” “Calm down, I'm only...” He looked at the clock. “...Three hours late.” He said feeling a slight twinge of guilt. “You had me worried sick!” She yelled. “Geez, I know I was gone awhile. But you don't have to freak out. Honestly, you don't have to be so protective of me.” “It's my job to be protective. And if you keep this up and you would be able to go out on your own any more.” Mabel said sternly. Dipper's guilt quickly changed to annoyance when he heard that. “What? You can't do that. Your Not In Charge.” “Yes I Am.” Mabel said. “I'm older.” “By FIVE Minutes!” Dipper yelled. “And Even If You Were A Hole YEAR Older Than Me, You Still Wouldn't Be Able To Control My Life! I Can Handle MYSELF!” He said angrily as he walked towards the door. “Where Do You Think Your Going?” Mabel said walking up to him. “Where Ever The Heck I Want!” Dipper said slamming the door behind him. “Fine Go! See If I Care!” She said giving and angry groan. Back outside, Dipper was walking somewhere, anywhere to get away from his sister. As he's walking though, he hears a familiar voice. “Going somewhere?” Pacifica asked as Dipper turned to her. “Pacifica... how did you-” “I don't need to be psychic to know when your anger. Do you need a place to stay tonight?” She asked giving a little smile. Dipper looked down then back at her. “Ya know what, yeah, I do. Cause I'm not staying there tonight.” He said walking up to her. Pacifica smiled and gestured for him to follow her. “Come on, you can stay with me, We have plenty of room.” Dipper gladly followed her. Back in the house, Mabel was up in the bead room, laying on her bead. “If he thinks I'm to protective, then lets see how he likes it when I don't care at all.” She said to herself, she could help but turn to his empty bead first, almost saying 'Good night' but then shaking her head before falling asleep. --- Pacifica brought Dipper to her house in town. “Here we are. My humble abode.” She said giggling. Dipper looked around. “Nice place. Thanks for letting me stay here.” Pacifica giggled and turned to him. “No problem. You can stay here as long as you want. Eat as much as you want, watch what you want, and you don't have to deal with that stupid sister of yours.” Dipper stiffened at that last comment. His instincts told him to defend Mabel, but the anger that had settled in his skin told him other wise. “Uhh, right.” Pacifica turned to him. “What, is something wrong?” She asked. Dipper shook his head. “No no, it's fine. Your... your right.” He said looking down. She smiled again and turned away. “Well good. No need to worry about that freak.” Dipper could fight his instinct this time. “Don't talk about her like that.” He said sharply. Pacifica stopped mid stride and slid her eyes towards him. “So you do care about her.” She said in a low tone. “Well Yeah. She's still my sister.” He said bluntly. “I know we got into a fight but, that doesn't mean I don't still care about her.” “She doesn't trust you. She doesn't even think you can handle yourself.” She said in a harsh tone as she walked towards Dipper. “She was just worried about me.” He said. “I mean, she's my sister. It's... her job to be protective of me.” He said remembering what she said. His body started to feel heavy with guilt as he remembered what he said to her. 'I should apologize.' He sighed. “Look, Pacifica, I appreciate you letting me stay here. But... I have to go back. I have to talk with Mabel.” He said turning towards the door. Just as he did this however, Pacifica grabbed his arm firmly. Your not going Anywhere.” She hissed. “Hey! Let Go!” He jumped and pulled his arm back. “What the heck has gotten into you?” He asked stepping back. “I'm sorry Dipper.” She said smiling deviously. “But, I can't let you leave.” Dipper felt felt a bit of fear go though him. “Wha- what does that mean.” Just as he asked this however the jewel around her next started to glow, and he could move. “What's going on? What Are You Doing?!” He said in a panic. Pacifica's grin grew even larger. “You'll see. You'll see very soon.” She laughed. --- Mabel shoot up in bead, she was in a cold sweat. “...A nightmare again.” She said panting. She looked over at Dipper's empty bead and sighed. “He's still gone. Oh man, it's really late.” She said getting up and looking out the window. She grumbled alittle remembering their argument. “Well he's the one who wanted me to be less protective. So... what do I care if he's still out.” But after a second of thinking this she sighed. “Oh who am I kidding? Of cores I'm still worried about him. I need to go find him. Even if he doesn't want me to.” She went downstairs and looked around. “Now where would he go?” She thought for a second. “Pacifica's, he's been hanging out with her a lot. Worth I try I guess.” With that she went out to go look for him. She trudged through the snow heading towards town. There wasn't a sole to be seen. Everyone must have been asleep. Rightfully so seeing as how it was past midnight. But Mabel couldn't sleep at this point, not until she found her brother. She new were Pacifica's house was, it wasn't far from the tent that was set up. She looked up at the house and sighed. “I hope he's alright.” She walked up to the front door and knocked. No answer, but she did hear some rustling inside. She knocked again alittle louder. She was about to knock one more time when the door opened. It was Pacifica. She looked at Mabel with some surprise. “Oh my, Mabel what are you doing here? Are you alright my dear?” She asked looking worried. “Pacifica, I'm sorry for bothering you so late at night but... Dipper, he ran off and he still isn't back. I- I was wondering if he came here.” Mabel asked looking up at her. Pacifica gave a look of genuine concern. “Oh I'm sorry. No, I haven't seen him since he left the fair. Hey, tell you what, I can help you look for him.” She said going back inside the house. “Really?” Mabel asked surprised. “Why yes, I wouldn't won't anything to... happen to him or you for that matter.” She said with a devious smile a crossed her face while turned away from Mabel. Mabel smiled and walked inside. “Thank you so much!” “No problem.” She said turning back to Mabel with a friendly smile. “But we should probably get some flashlights first. It's pretty dark out there. We have some in the basement. Follow me.” She said staring to go to the stairs. “Alright.” Mabel said following. The two went down the steps to the basement with Pacifica leading. “I'm not quite sure where they are. But I know they're down here somewhere. You go look over there I'll look over here.” Mabel nodded and started looking around. “Hmm, maybe they're over here.” She said as she went through some boxes. But when she did this, she head some mumbling. 'What was that.' She though while turning around. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness to see Dipper tide to a chair with a piece of tape a crossed his mouth, fear in his eyes. Mabel also felt a jolt of fear go though her. “Dipper!? What happened-” She was about to walk up to him when she felt something slam her against the wall. “MmABlL!” Dipper mumbled. He looked around frantically and felt the rope that was binding his arms. 'I have to get out of this!'He thought. Mable groaned and looked around, she looked up to see Pacifica grinning evilly. “Well, it looks like we found you brother. Care to join him?” It didn't take Mabel long to put two and two together in spite of her head pounding. “You! What did you do to him?!” She glared at her. Pacifica laughed. “Isn't it obvious? I tide him up.” “Let him go Now! Or else you'll have to deal with me!” Mabel said standing back up and walking towards her. Pacifica snickered as her jewel started to glow again. “Oh Mable my dear, I would love to but...” Mabel felt herself get lifted off the ground and slammed against the wall again. Pacifica walked up to her and grinned. “You two are needed for something.” Mabel tried to move but she felt as if she was paralyzed. “Let Me Go!” She struggled out. Pacifica laughed and was about to go look for something to tie her up, but she felt something push her and grab her jewel. With this Mable felt the mysterious grip release her and she fell to the ground. She rubbed her head and looked up and saw to her surprise, Dipper, up and out of his bindings. “Di- Dipper?” Dipper shoot her a worried look but then turned his attention back to Pacifica. Pacifica growled at him. “You! How Did You Get Out?!” She snapped at him. Dipper narrowed his eyes. “I untied myself.” His said sternly. As he said this Mable noticed he had some bad rope burn on his wrists. But that was the last this on Dipper's mind. Dipper walked towards Pacifica and glared. “You, you can lie to me, fool me into trusting you, and even tie me up. But the One thing I won't stand for is you hurting my sister!” He yelled with noticeable anger in his voice. Mable couldn't help but get alittle teary eyed when she heard that. 'He does still care about me.' She almost felt stupid thinking this, of course he still cared about her. One fight wasn't going to change that. But it still made her feel better to hear it. Pacifica narrowed her eyes. “You think you can beat me? I Have Power You Will Never Know!” She yelled. “What, you mean this?” Dipper said holding up her amulet. Pacifica took a step back. “My Amulet! Give It Back!” She hissed. “Uh yeah No. Lets try this!” He said throwing the amulet and the ground and smashing it. “NO!” She stumbled back then growled. “You will pay for that. You have no idea what your messing with.” She said before disappearing into the darkness. Dipper looked around to be sure she wouldn't come back before turning his attention to Mabel and hastily walking up to her. “Mable! Are you alright?” He asked with concern. Mable nodded. “Yeah, I'm fine Are you okay though?” “I'll be fine.” Dipper said rubbing he wrists which were still red with rope burn. He looked around. “Hey, I know we need to talk, but maybe we should get out of the crazy lady’s basement first.” “Yeah you're probably right.” She said looking around. Lets get out of here.” After this the two made their way out and back to the museum. But before they went up to their room Dipper grabbed her arm, getting Mable's attention. “Wait, I know it's late and all but...” He looked down feeling the guilt from earlier rise up. “I- I'm sorry about what I said before. Like, really, Really sorry. I didn't mean it I swear!” Mable turned to him and grabbed his shoulder gently. “It's alright Dip. I know you didn't. It was my fault anyway. I shouldn't of snapped at you like that. I know I can get alittle overly protective and I know that annoys you some times. I'm sorry about that.” She said looking down and scratching her head. Dipper smiled at her. “Hey, it's alright. It's your job to be protective of me. You are my Older sister after all.” “Only by five minutes.” Mable said smiling sheepishly. “Still, I should have more confidence in you. You can handle yourself, you proved that today.” Dipper blushed alittle and scratched his head. “Thanks Sis. But this shouldn't change anything. We'll still always be there for each other, right?” Mabel nodded. “Oh course we will. Awkward sibling hug?” She smiled. “Awkward sibling hug.” He said said as he gripped his sister in a gentle hug. “Pat Pat.” They both said while simultaneously patting each others back. Dipper smiled back at her. “I'm glad everything if fine between use but...” He yawned and stretched his arms. “I'm like, supper tired. Can we go to bead?” Mable smiled and nodded at him. “Yeah lets go. I'm tired to.” The two went up to their room and fell asleep the moment they got in their beads. --- But as they were doing this, in a dark room, beneath the town, Pacifica made her way down to talk to someone. She saw him sitting in a chair in the room, she could help be feel a twinge of fear in her. “Uhhh sir. We need to talk.” He didn't turn to her but spoke an a calm tone. “Did you bring the children?” Pacifica shuddered alittle. “Uh yes, about that. See... they kinda got away.” “WHAT!” He said standing up to face her. Pacifica jumped back at this. “I- I'm sorry... I didn't expect one of them to get out. The boy broke my Amulet.” “I told you, NOT to underestimated them!” “How was I suppose know that a couple of kids-” “THEY ARE NOT JUST ANY KIDS!” He interrupted her. “They are Pines kids. They have more knowledge than you think. And...” He turned back away from her. “They are Ford's Niece and Nephew. You should Never, underestimated them.” Pacifica bowed quickly. “Yes, yes! I know now! I promise, I will Never make that mistake again.” The man sighed and sat back down. “Good, be sure of that. Cause if one thing it for sure. They will regret messing with the Crescent Eye, and me, Fiddleford Mcgucket."


Mabel woke up in the middle of the woods, actuality, it didn't look like the forest behind the Museum. It was darker, everything seemed... dead. There was a distinct lack of snow on the ground and less trees than the normally dense forest. And in spite of being able to see further, there was no sign of the town or the museum. “Were am I?” She said looking around. “...Dipper, Dipper? You there Bro.” She asked with a hint of fear in her voice. She suddenly heard an all to familiar scream from somewhere deep in the forest. “DIPPER!” Mabel started to run but stopped, she didn't know were the scream came from. She didn't know were her brother was. “Long time no see Pine Tree.” Mabel turned slowly to be faced with the very demon she didn't want to see (not that she wanted to see any demon) Bill Cypher. She backed up slowly knowing that running would get her no were. “Leave me alone Bill, I- I don't want to deal with you right now.” Her voice shook with obsessive fear. Bill chuckled. “Oh, don't worry. I won't mess with you. He will though.” He pointed behind Mabel. There stood once again the large Shadow Wrath, with what looked like blood dripping from it's jaw and bits of cloth. “...Dipper.” Tears formed in her eyes, fearing the worst. She then shook her head, realizing she had to run. But just as she turned to run she felt something grab her. Roots, grass and other plants, they seemed to form a life of their own. “No! Let Me Go!” She yelled out then turned back to the wolf. The beast gave an evil chuckle. “NOW... YOU SHAW PAY CHILED.” It took it's time and slowly approached her, as she was not going anywhere Pure panic and fear went through Mabel. There was literately nothing she could do. But all of the sudden... for some reason, she started to feel something different. A strange... tickly sensation. She tried to suppress the erg to laugh, as this was no laughing matter. But it just got worse, she covered her mouth and started to giggle. “Heheehe, Wh-what is going on?” She started to laugh more as the tickling became more intense. Bill looked confused. “Uhh... the heck if I know. Wait...” He thought for a second when he thought off something and grumbled. “Oh great, Shooting Star is trying to wake her up.” Mabel at this point, had fallen back in a fit of laughter. She didn't even notice that the Shadow Wrath, and the world around her, seemed to have frozen in time. “Hehehaha! Stahap!” She laughed as the world faded out into blackness. Bill gave an annoyed sigh. “You win this time Pine Tree.” --- Mabel suddenly shot up in bead and scrambled back towards the wall. She was breathing heavily from both fear and the amount of laughing she just did. She looked around and quickly noticed her brother standing by her bead with a nervous smile. “Sorry.” He said backing up alittle. “I know you hate being woken up like that. But... I had to do something.” Mabel finally caught her breath and calmed down. “No no, it's fine. I- I'm glad you woke me up.” She said looking down. Dipper stepped forward and sat on her bed. “Bad dream again?” He asked looking at her. Mabel looked down and nodded. “A Nightmare.” She said wrapping her arms around her knees. “Same one as last night?” He asked her quietly. He was getting worried. This was the third time in two days that she had a nightmare. She nodded again, feeling groggy. She barely got any sleep last night and now it looked like she wasn't getting any sleep tonight. Mabel sighed and started to push herself up off the bead when Dipper grabbed her arm. “What are you doing? Mabel, you need to sleep. You've barely slept in the past two nights. I don't want you getting sleep deprived.” He said with a worried look on his face. Mabel pulled back. “Well I don't want to see that evil triangle again, or that Shadow Wrath or... or...” She felt her eyes tear up as she sniffled. “...Or, see you get hurt again.” She whimpered out. Dipper got alittle wet eyed himself. He hated seeing his sister like this. He hated seeing her sad or scared. “Mabel... Hey, I have an idea!” He said as a grin came a crossed is face. “What?” Mabel asked while whipping the tear away from her eye. He smiled and rubbed her shoulder. “We can sleep together tonight!” He said excitedly. Mabel looked at him for a second. “Uhh, I don't know Dipper.” “Come on.” Dipper said with that goofy smile. “We use to sleep together all the time when we were little. Usually because of nightmares.” “Or the occasional thunder storm.” Mabel added smiling at the memory. Dipper nodded and looked at the window. “Yeah, I use to be terrified of thunder. I'd wake you up in the middle of the night and you'd pull the covers back. I never even had to ask, you always knew.” He looked down and smiled sheepishly. “I always felt safer with You. Let me repay the favor.” He said looking back up at her. Mabel looked at him and sighed, smiling back up at him. “Alright, fine. Maybe I will fell alittle better.” Dipper laughed before running back over to his bead, pushing his pillow over to the side. Mabel giggled at his excitement before grabbing her pillow and walking over to Dipper's bead. Dipper smiled up at her and pulled his covers back. Mabel laid down and looked up at the ceiling. “...Sorry if I've been bothering tonight. I know I woke you up.” She says feeling alittle bad. Dipper chuckled and pulled the blankets back up. “Hey, don't worry about it. We're family, that's what we do. I'll always be there for you, and you'll always be there for me.” He says putting his arm around her. Mabel smiled sleeply and nuzzles his his shoulder. “Thanks Dip... I don't know what I'd do without you.” She said as she started to fall asleep. “...Me neither.” Dipper whispered. After a minute or so he felt Mable's breathing steady, signifying that she had fallen asleep. He kept himself up alittle longer to be sure that she didn't start having nightmares again. After an hour he was sure that she was fine. He felt sleep starting to get the better of him and yawned. “g'night Mabel.” He said in a barely audible tone before drifting off. Both were now fully asleep with no sign of Bill's tricks getting to either of them.

Attack of the Shadow WrathEdit

It was a cold winter day in Gravity Rises, Mabel was sitting on the couch reading her Grunkle's Journal. The shop was dead today, the only sounds in the museum was Dipper running around playing with his pet pig, Waddles, and Soos fixing a few things as well. Stanley looks around at the empty shop. “Hmm, no one is going to come to the store today in this snow storm. You guys can do what you want. Robbie, you can leave if you want.” Robbie looked up at him with surprise. “In this storm? Heck no, I'll wait still the storm dies down.” Stanford looks outside. “Alright, that's probably a good idea. If you guys need me I'll be down in the lab.” He said heading down to his lab in the basement. When he gets down to there he looks up at the machine he has been working on for years. “...Don't worry brother, I'm almost finished.” He says looking down at his notes. __

Back upstairs all is calm, and Dipper doesn't like that. He goes up to Mabel. “Hey Sis, you wanna go outside?” He asked smiling. Mabel put Ford's Journal down and looked up at him. “I don't know, it's pretty cold outside and it's snowing pretty hard too. We could get sick.” She said looking outside then back at him. “Come on we won't be out for long. And we'll just be right out in the yard. Pleease.” He said giving her that puppy dog look. Mabel looked up and him and laughed, shaking her head alittle. How could she say 'no' to that face? “Alright, alright. Maybe just for a little.” She said as she put the Journal away and started to head outside with her brother. The two get outside in the heavy snow, Mabel looks around. “So what do you want to-” Mabel is suddenly hit in the back of the head with a snow ball. She can hear Dipper laughing from behind her. Mabel turns to him and smirks. “Ohh... Your gonna get it now.” She chuckled before wadding up a snow ball. “SNOW BALL FIGHT!!” She yelled before throwing the snow ball at him. The two laughed and played for some time, her throwing snow balls at him, running away and eventually being caught and tacked onto the snowy ground. The two would wrestle for a minute before Mabel would squirm out and it would start all over again. As the two are chasing each other around Mabel looks over at the forest and sees a strange shadowy wolf creature. She stops and looks at it as it walks away. (“What was that?”) She thought. Dipper looks back at her and quirks an eyebrow. “Mabel? What are you looking at?” He asks walking up to her. “...I saw something in the forest. It looked like a wolf but... different.” She stands there for a second before starting to walk to the forest. “Mabel... were are you going?” He asks stepping forward. “I'm going to check it out.” She says walking into the forest. “Hey, wait up!” Dipper yells following her. They walk though the forest for a while with Mabel walking a bit ahead of Dipper. Dipper starts to get alittle worried. “Come on Mabel, we're going to get lost. Lets just go back.” “You can go back if you want Dipper.” She says. “I'm not going to leave you out here alone!” He yells. “Dipper, I'll be-”Just as she is saying this the strange wolf creature jumps down with a loud bark. It is much bigger than Mabel thought. The creature roars. “PIINNESS!!!” It snarls. Mabel stumbles back and looks up at the wolf. “You- you... you know our last name.” She says, she looks back at her brother who seems terrified of this creature. She then looks back at the wolf, trying to be brave. “Who are you? How do you know who we are?” She asks. Dipper looks over at her. “Mabel- What are you doing?! Are you crazy?!” He says trying to pull her away. The wolf looks down at them and speaks in a low booming voice. “I KNOW A PINES WHEN I SEE ONE. LORD CIPHER INFORMED ME OF YOUR PRESENCE.” It said. “Lord Cipher?” Mabel didn't know what is going on here. “Mabel!!!”Dipper yells trying to get her attention. “Dipper, shut up.”She whispers in a harsh tone. The creature snarls and speaks again. “YOUR FAMILY HAS COMITED GREAT CRIMS AGAINST MY LORD. AND YOU SHALL PAY!!” It lunges at the two of them. Mabel froze, she was too scared to move when she felt something shove her off to to the side. After a second she sat up and shook her head as she looked around trying to focus. What happened? Someone pushed her... Dipper! Dipper pushed her out of the way. She looks over and sees Dipper on the ground with the wolf looming over him. A jolt of panic goes through her. “DIPPER!!!” She runs over to him and tries to help him up. “Dipper... Dipper can you hear me?” She asks with tears forming in her eyes. He must have taken the full force of the attack. Dipper gave a quiet moan. The wolf starts to walk towards them. “YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOUR FAMILY HAS DONE.” Mabel looks down at her little brother and sniffles alittle. “Don't hurt him, pleas... It wasn't his fault.” Dipper coughed. “m-mabel.” He struggles out, on the brink of passing out. Mabel wipes her eyes then looked up at the wolf. She carefully lays her brother down and stands up glaring at the dark wolf. “Stay... away, from my brother.” She says standing between them. “YOU THINK YOU CAN ORDER ME CHILD? I THE ALMIGHTY, SHADOW WRATH, WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED BY THE LIKES OF YOU!!!” It roars. “Shadow Wrath?” Mabel takes out Ford's Journal. “Didn't I see that in here?” She says looking through the book.” The Shadow Wrath's red eyes widens when it sees the Journal. “THE JOURNAL!! WERE DID YOU FIND THAT?!” It practically screams her. Mabel glares back up at it. “Non of your business.” She says finding a page she was looking for. “INSOLENT CHILD! I WILL TEACH YOU SOME MANNERS!” The Shadow Wrath pounces at her, but just before the Wrath reaches her, Mabel menages to us a spell in the Journal that summons a spectral blade that slashes the Shadow Wrath away. It lays on the ground and looks up at her. “WHAT?” Mabel steps forward with blade still in hand. “...Don't mess with my family, and Especially, my brother.” She charges at the Shadow Wrath and stabs it through the chest. The Wrath lets out a painful roar and seems to disappear into nothing. The sword vanishes as well and Mabel stands there panting. “...I did it, I actually Did It! I Beat The-” Mabel's excitement was cut off when she heard a weak cough from Dipper. She rushed over to him and sat him up. “Dipper... I'm so sorry.” Dipper was very pale and his breathing was shallow. “...I don't have the time to go get someone. I gotta get him out of here now.” She carefully picks him up and began running back to the museum. Now, Dipper isn't too heavy, but Mabel isn't exactly the strongest person ever, there were points when she wanted to stop because her arms were starting to hurt. But one look down at her brother gives her the strength to keep going. Mabel finally got to the museum and barley was able to get the door open. When she got through the door she feel to one knee completely drained of energy. Stanford heard the door swing open. “About time, I was about to- Oh My Gosh! What Happened To You Two?!” He said rushing over over to them. This got the attention of Soos and Robbie who both jumped up when they saw the two. “Dude, did you get attacked by a bear?” Soos asks. Robbie looks very worried at them. “This doesn't look like any bear attack I've seen.” Stanford takes Dipper from Mabel very carefully and lays him on the couch. “Robbie! Get The First Aid Kit!” He yelled. “On It!” Robbie says as he runs upstairs. Ford looks back at Mabel who is still in the same spot. “...Soos, stay with Dipper.” He walks over to Mabel and puts his hand on her shoulder. “Mabel, I know you have to be shook up, but I need you to talk to me. What happened?” Mabel was more than shook up, she was completely destroyed both physically and mentally. Everything that happened came crashing down on her in seconds. The Wrath attacking her, seeing her brother hurt, summoning the spectral blade, and having to carry Dipper all the way back here. It was all too much for any person to handle. But she tried to keep herself together to explain what happened. “Sh-shadow W-w-wrath...” She stuttered out. Stanford looked confused. “What? Shadow Wrath... how did something like that get here?” Mabel manged out one more thing. “It said... something about... lord Ci-cipher.” The last thing Mabel saw before passing out was the look of udder shock and fear, then rage in her great uncles face. Then fade to black.


Mabel opened her eyes and looked around, she was floating in what seemed like empty space. “Ahhh! W-were am I?” She says looking around fractionally. “Nice to finally meet you kid.” An unseen person says. Mabel look around but didn't see anyone, but soon after that she saw a bright light and formed from that was a triangle. As the light faded the triangle was shown to have a large eye in the center with a top hat and bow tie. It floats over to Mabel. “Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Bill, Bill Cipher.” He said holding out his hand. Mabel jumps back. “Cipher! Your the one who sent that Shadow Wrath after me and my brother! Stay Away From Me! I Destroyed The Shadow Wrath, I'll Do The Same To You!” She yelled trying not to show just how terrified she is. Bill turned away from her. “Ah yes, thanks for doing that by the way. I told that idiot not to mention my name. If he had actually made it back I would of killed him myself.” He then turns back to her, seeming oddly happy. “But you did it for me, Thanks!” Mabel looked confused. “What do you want from me? Why are we here and...” She looks around again. “...Were is 'here'?” Bill gave a little laugh. “You humans ask so many questions. Look, I just wanted to talk, and as for were we are, it should be familiar to you, we're in your head!” He says pointing the top of his triangular shaped head. “What?” Mabel said more confused than ever. “Geez, you humans are easily confused.” Bill said. “But then again, your only twelve. I guess I was just expecting more from you because what you pulled off today. I mean, summoning a spectral blade, killing an Shadow Wrath, that is really something Pine-Tree.” “Uhh, Thanks?” Mable says, not sure what to make of this strange person. “No problem, now I get to ask you something. The Journal you were reading... can I see it?” Mabel looked down. “I shouldn't, the Journal belongs to to my Grunkle, he told me not to loss it.” “Ah yes, Stanford would say that. I'm surprised he even let you see it. He's so protective of the thing.” “You know my Great Uncle?” Mabel asked. Bills demeanor seemed to change to that of anger, but he still kept calm. “Oh yes. I Know, Ford. Now look, I can see you aren't going to give me that Journal for free. So let me make you a deal. Give me the Journal, and I will be sure nothing bad ever happens to you and that little brother of yours. I can tell you care about him a lot, you wouldn't want him to get hurt again.” He said as he held out his hand, with an eire blue flame coming from it. Mabel thought about it for a second and was about to reach out to shake his hand when she thought of something. “...Why should I trust you? Your the One Who Sent That Monster After Us!” She yelled. “That was a mistake.” Bill quickly said. “To tell you the truth... I thought you were, someone else.” He said looking down. “I don't care, I still don't trust you! I'll never give you the book.” Bill got annoyed and moved away from her. “You know what, Fine! Keep Your Crummy Journal! You just made a big mistake Pine-Tree, you made enemy's with one of the most powerful demons in the world! I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL!” He then disappeared in a large blue flame.

      -(End of Dream Sequence)

Mabel woke up in a cold sweat and breathing heavy. She looked around and found herself in the living room sat on the old arm chair. She tries to get up but she feels a hand on her shoulder push her back down gently. It was Robbie. “Hey, be careful. Your still pretty hurt.” He said looking worried. She looked up at him then saw Dipper still unconscious laying on the couch. All his cuts look like there patched up, but he's still very pale. Mabel pushes herself up off the chair. “Mabel don't-” “I'm fine.” Mabel cut him off and walks over to her brother. She gently brushes the hair away from his face, showing his birthmark. “...I'm sorry about this Dip. This is all my fault.” She says wiping a tear away from her eye. She then looked around the room and noticed something. “Hey, where's Grunkle Ford?” Just as she asked this she noticed a fist sized dent in the frig door. Robbie caught her gaze and sighed. “Mr. Pines got furious. Started saying-” “Some things we can't repeat.” Soos interrupted him. “Uh yeah, good point. Anyway, after that he said he had to go look for an antidote. He said that that Shadow Wrath thing has some kind of venom. I'm sure he'll be back soon.” He said forcing a smile. Just as he said that though, the door swung open. Stanford Was back. He waked over with some kind of herb in his hand, he looked down at Mabel. “Your awake, good. I was worried maybe the venom got in you too.” He then knelt down to Dipper. “Here kid, I know this will be alittle bitter, but you need to eat it.” Dipper groaned and turned away slightly. “Come on kid, you have to eat this or you won't get better.” He said trying to keep calm. Mabel look his hand. “Dipper please. I don't wanna loss you.” Dipper gave alittle moan and did as she asked, struggling to get the herb down but eventually doing so. Stanford gave a grateful smile. “Good, he should be fine soon.” He said as he got up. Mabel followed him. “Grunkle Ford, I want to know what happened.” She said. “Know what?” Stanford asked with his back still to her. “What happened between you and Cipher? He knew you, he knows our family. I know something had to happen. I want to know.” Stanford stood there for a second then sighed and turned to her. “Fine, after what you just went through, you deserve to know. Follow me.” He said as he headed downstairs as Mabel followed close behind. “When I came to Here years ago, I wasn't alone. I came here with My brother.” “Grandpa Stanley.” Mabel said. Stanford nodded. “Yes, he was my partner. Even though he could be alittle more focused on making money at times, I knew in his heart, he was a good man. When I discovered Cipher, when I discovered what he Was Going To Do, we had to stop him. I underestimated Stan... I didn't realize he knew how to beat Bill. He stopped him, but he couldn't kill Bill.” Stanley looked down. “He knew the consequences. Bill sent him away to another dimension as punishment. Bill also swore vengeance on the whole family.” As he says this, they get down to the lab. Mabel sees the giant portal. “But I will not abandon my brother, I am going to bring him back.” He looked down at Mabel. “You showed a lot of bravery today kid. Maybe I can trust you more than I thought." Mabel looked up at him then at the portal when she heard some creaking on the steps. “M-mabel...” A raspy voice called out. She looked over and saw a still weak Dipper struggling to get down the last couple steps. “Dipper!!” She rushed over to him and helped him down and stood him up straight. “What are you doing down here?! You should be resting upstairs!” She said not sure weather to to be worried or mad. Dipper tried to give a little smile. “I- I was worried about you.” He said weakly. Mabel's eyes teared up alittle. “Worried about me? Your The One Who Got Hurt!” She almost yelled at him. Dipper placed his hand on her arm which had a bandage wrapped around it. She hadn't even noticed it was hurt until he did that. “You got hurt too Sis. I wanted to be sure you were alright.” He said looking up at her with concern. Tears went down her face and she hugged him tightly. “I'm so sorry Dipper! For everything! This Was All My Fault!” She sobbed out. Dipper hugged her back then looked back at her and whipped her tears away. “It's alright, you didn't mean for any of it to happen.” He said trying to comfort her. Mabel shook her head tears still in her eyes. “That doesn't matter, I was the stupid one that decided to fight a giant wolf monster! I put us in danger, I put YOU in danger!” She whimpered. Dipper squeezed her hand and looked her directly in the eyes. “What happened was going to happen no matter what. You heard what that thing said, it knew who we were. It was sent to attack us. If anything, you saved us. You beat that thing! You were brave enough to fight it and you saved me. Sis... I'd be dead if it wasn't for you. Thank you... thank you Soo much!” Mabel wipes her eyes and smiles at him. “Dipper, you're the best brother ever, you know that?” Dipper laughed and hugged her tightly. “And you're the best sister ever.” Mabel smiled and hugged him back. Stanford smiled at this and stepped forward. “Alright you two, lets head upstairs. It's getting late and you two need your sleep tonight." “Alright.” They both said as Mabel helped Dipper up the stairs and to their room. The two went to their beads, both unaware of just how tired they were until they laid down. “G'night Mabel.” Dippers said groggily as he pulled the blankets up. Mabel looked over at him and smiled. “Good night Dipper.” She said before letting sleep overwhelm her. Everything that happened today had wore both of them out, but they were both happy that they were alright and they'd still have each other in the morning to face what every Gravity Falls, and Bill, had in store for them.