Gravity Falls Splitsboro is an Crossover of two shows Sidekick "YTV" and Gravity Falls "Family Channel".


Dispatcher from Episode "Irrational Treasure" discovers Dipper & Mabel haven't been captured, so he sends Sheriff Blubs and Depty Durland to recapture Dipper and Mabel and leave Gravity Falls, once bought the two to the Government Station, Dipper and Madel are been forced to get transfer to Splitsboro and get send to Sidekick Academy for them to become Sidekicks and was succeeded, Dipper and Mabel meet Eric, Vana, Trevor, Kitty, Pamplemoose and everyone in the Sidekick Academy. however, Dipper doesn't like being in Sidekick Academy and wants to return to Gravity Falls but Mabel loves it here in Splitsboro. Can Dipper snap Mabel out of it and can both escape back to Gravity Falls?

Dipper Pines - (voiced by Jason Ritter)

Mabel Pines - (voiced by Kristen Schaal)

Uncle Stan, Soos & Old Man McGucket - (voiced by Alex Hirsch)

Wendy (voiced by Linda Cardellini)

Waddles (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)

Sheriff Blubs & Unnamed dispatcher - (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson)

Deputy Durland - (voiced by Keith Ferguson)

Robbie - (voiced by TJ Miller)

Pacifica Northwest - (voiced by Jackie Buscarino)

Lake Gravity Falls Ranger McGucket

Lazy Susan - (voiced by Jennifer Coolidge)

Daniel Manly Dan Corduroy - (voiced by John Dimaggio)