created by eneabros3. this is a parody. don't sue me.

thos takes place after anything that has happened in the show so far.

The story Edit

Dipper wakes up. He gets out of bed and rubs his eyes.He says " good morning dipper". He wakes up Mabel. Mabel gets out of bed. Dipper says " good morning Mabel. Who's My favorite Mabel?" Mabel replies " I am".

screen text: MABEL has joined your Team.

dipper and Mabel leave the attic, go downstairs and cross the living room to go to the kichen. The children did not find Stan In the kitchen so they got the cereal, milk, bowls and spoons and made breakfast.after breakfast Stan walks into the room, not realizing dipper and Mabel are there and gets ready the make the kids breakfast when Mabel startles him by asking him what hess doing. Stan says " I was going To make breakfast but it looks like you two got it covered." Gruncle Stan makes himself breakfast and the kids watch TV until the shack opens.(after work) Dipper and mabel walk out the door. Stan comes out of the door and askes where the kids are going. Dipper tells Stan that they are going to just walk around town. Stan says " I just remembered that I have somewhere to be. Dont ask because it's none of your busnesss."

Screen text: STAN has joined your team.

the team walks through the woods.

Screen text: GNOMES appeared!!

battle: dipper used punch, -5 to gnomes. mabel used glue gun. Gnomes lost 1 turn.Stan used brass knuckles. -10 to gnomes. gnomes defeated.

the team exits the woods. Dipper: "punching that gnome hurt my hand." Stan: "ok kids I got to go. I better see you at lazy Susan's dinner at 6 o'clock." Mabel: "ok Grunkle stan" Dipper And Mabel walk one block. Soos comes out of nowhere. Soos: "hey dudes! Where are are you going and can i come?" Dipper And Mabel at the same time: "yeah soos! We are going to just walk around".