Reverse Falls AU (Alternate Universe) is a fanon idea that I did not come up with. I did, however, come up with my own version of how everyone would be. My version of Reverse Falls owned by me, which is user: frozen wreck-it ralph. You can call this version the FW-IR version for short. BTW Gideon is 11 years old, which is inbetween Gideon Gleeful and Dipper Pines's ages since he is still Gideon, but he has some similarities like Dipper. For instance, his clothing is similar, he isn't evil, he likes to solve mysteries. Basically, he's a Dipper version of Gideon Gleeful. 


Gideon wears a black hoodie under a baby blue vest and gray shorts. He also wears baby blue colored shoes with black socks. Gideon still has his white hair, though it is shaped kind of like Dipper Pines's, and freckles. His hair is also shorter than Dipper Pines's. Over his hair, he wears a white and baby blue colored cap with a pine tree on it ( the corners of the pine tree are more rounded, though). He is a little chubby.


Gideon can be sorta nervous and jumpy, but it won't stop him from going on an adventure! He doesn't really want to go looking for trouble, but most of the time his curiousity gets the best of him. He is quick to percive danger and is quite intelligent. He thirsts for knoweledge and enjoys going on mystery hunts. He cares about his cousin, Pacifica, and wants to keep her out of harms way.


Pacifica Pines: his closest friend and ally

Mabel Gleeful: Gideon found her attractive at first, but then saw her as downright creepy and evil.

Dipper Gleeful: Gideon hates him and he hates Gideon. Gideon is scared of him and his sister

Bud Pines: Gideon's dad. Gideon loves him, but he could take a break from scamming tourists at the Mystery Shack every once and a while...

Stan Gleeful: Mabel and Dipper's grunkle. He runs the Tent of Telepathy and a car dealer-ship. He is also known for being a con-artist. He has been said to have a couple secrets. Gideon tries to steer clear of the Gleeful family, but when he is around them, he is always very careful. He has heard they are in league with Bill Cipher (Bill is the same as he is in the show in my version of Reverse Falls).


  • Gideon still has a southern accent