Don't go in my Butter Shed is the very first episode of Gumpety Canyon.

Plot Edit

The episode begins as we see Diaper jacking off to a porno magazine as cum is coming through his pants and Beyblade vaping a freshly charged e-cigarette in the back of a ford car. The car stops as Diaper and Beyblade get sent out of the car with their suitcases and the things they were using as their parents tell them to have fun and go fuck themselves as the car drives away. Diaper is a bit nervous becuse he thinks that there won't be any porno magazines there, but Beyblade says "Oh fuck you, Diaper" to make him shut up. After a long time, Beyblade and Diaper have gotten to the conundrum hut, but they've sweated a lot throughout the journey, so some of Diaper's sweat has gone down and onto his pants, so his cum stain is growing as he tries to wipe it of, but Beyblade slaps him and his dick to make him stop as they walk into conundrum hut.