A Dipper x Pacifica story. 

Dipper's POVEdit

Pacifica likes me.

She really, really likes me.

Pacifica Northwest is the prettiest girl in Gravity Falls. She's much more pretty than Wendy or Candy. I have a major crush on her. But, I wasn't quite sure if she liked me back.

Today, I decided to visit the Northwest Mansion to find out if Pacifica had the same feelings for me as I did for her.

When Mabel and I were eating breakfast, Mabel wanted to know why I liked Pacifica.

"Pacifica is so popular!" said Mabel. "She's got money, style, and talent! And yet, she's pretty snobby. How come you've got such a huge crush on her?" 

"Well, it's because she's the prettiest girl I've ever met," I said.