Soos: *Dodges Robbie's blade*

Robbie: *Says to the deaseced Stan: ty jsou zdarma, neciti stratch, nickdy nemuzu odpustit me ciny, ale musium to udelat pro dorbo, Odpocivej v pokoji. Ty zlo monste . . . (You are free, don't feel fear, I can never forgive my actions, but I must do this for the greater good, rest in peace. You monste. . .)

The language Robbie just spoke was Czech

Stan: *Eyes' pop open* SUPRISE! *pushes Robbie off of him* Prepare to di. . . . *gets shot three times* Gah!!!

Robbie: *snatches the staff out of Stan hands*

Stan: *Chokes, loses balance, and falls for the final time*