Robbie: What, would happen if you could go back, and change somthing? What, would happen if you could change history? What if, you could rewrite your past legacy, and make it somthing huge? To change the lifes of thousands of people? What if, you could do somthing, society has not tended to do? What would happen then? My name is Robbie, and I'm an Assassin. This is my story

Thefts, hidden by the murders.

People see, only what society wants them to see.

What orginazations, wants them to see.

We work in the shadows, to serve the light.

All is true, nothing is permitted.

We are, the Assassins.


9 months ago . . . . . . .

Location: The Vatican, the Pope's room.

time:3:00 AM

Templar: *Sneaks in the Pope's room.*

Pope: *Mumbles in sleep.*

Templar: *Raises dagger.* Muori traditore! (Die, you traitor!) *Stabs the Pope, 5 times.* DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE!

Pope: *Chokes on his blood, and dies.*

Templar:TEMPLARI, REGANO SOVANI!!! (THE TEMPLARS REIGN SUPREME!!!) *Slashes the Popes head clean off, and takes the head.*

The next day . . . . 

Nun: *Screams loudly.* IL PAPA E 'MORTO IL PAPA E' MORTI!! (THE POPE IS DEAD, THE POPE IS DEAD!!!!!!) *Starts to cry*

3 months later . . .

Location: Seatile, Washington.

time: 4:00 PM

Robbie: You wanted to see me?

Assassin Guild Master: Yes, 4 murders have been committed in the last 6 months, The President of, The Secretary Of Defense, The Pope of Italy, the Emporor of Japan,  and the President of the United States of America, have been killed. All the remaining UN members are feared of what may become of them. After hearing of the 4 deaths, they, want to retire the UN, and, all the countrys want to destroy the US, because, they think, that we killed those 4 leaders. So, we must issue DEFCON 1. We belive the killer resides in Gravity Falls, Oregon. He thinks, that residing in a small, desolate town will hide him.

Robbie: No one can hide from the Assassins. We're impossible to run away from.

Guild Master: So, you must go to Oregon in 3 weeks.

Robbie: It's agreed, I'll go to Gravity Falls, in the 3 weeks.


CHAPTER 2 WILL BE RELEASED SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!