"Mystery City" is episode one of Gravity Falls: Mystery City


[Dipper and Mabel are biking home from high school in a hiking trail]

Dipper: Mr. Swartzenhighmer. What a wierd name!

Mabel: Especially for an English teacher.

[Dipper and Mabel both laugh.]

Mabel: Man...this road is really bumpy!

Dipper: No kidding.

Dipper's bike stops and he gets thrown onto the trail.

[Dipper stands up, wiping the dirt off of him. Mabel stops her bike.]

Mabel: You alright, Dipper?

Dipper: I'm fine.

[Dipper looks to the ground, where the dirt is swept off of an old encrypted sign that says, "MC this way"]

Dipper: Mabel, look! An encrypted sign...

Mabel: MC this way...what the Sally do you think it means?

Dipper: MC must be an abreviation..

[Dipper walks towards some pine trees. He shoves them aside, and sees a purple sign that reads, WELCOME TO MYSTERY CITY]

Dipper: Mystery City?

[Mabel walks past the sign following a gravel trail. She motions Dipper to come.]

Mabel: Come on, Dipper!